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booth roundup Sponsored Booth Profiles For over 100 years you have relied on the great taste and workability of your Finest Belgian Chocolate. Today, we are proud to have taken a great step into the future. From now on, your Finest Belgian Chocolate will be made with sustainably grown cocoa beans. Callebaut will continue the tradition of great taste, quality, and investment in the future of cocoa Callebaut Classic Coating Callebaut developed these coatings in response to growing demand for an easier-to-use coating that does not require tempering while providing exceptional shine on strawberries, cookies, pretzels and more. Callebaut’s new range allows artisans and chefs alike to explore a new world of intense flavors and surprising textures in an innovative, convenient way. For more information about Callebaut Classic Coating™ as well as recipes, visit Q: Tell us more about one new product you are highlighting at the IDDBA 2013 show. A: One of our new products that we featured at this year’s IDDBA show was the Callebaut Classic Coatings. The coatings come in dark, milk, or white chocolate flavors and are extremely easy to use. Coating fruit or baked goods is as easy as melting the coating in the microwave and dipping. The finished shine makes the final applications stand out in the bakery case and the taste and snap will have consumers smiling! Q: How does your new product address key consumer trends and current needs in the marketplace? A: The Callebaut brand prides itself on many things from our rich Belgian chocolate heritage to the continued innovation of chocolate convenience products and this is one of the best convenience products in the market! Chocolate covered items have been popular for quite some time but these Classic Coatings allow you to achieve the great taste and shine without tempering. Bakeries are always trying to take their applications to the next level and I think these coatings will really help them do so. 26 • 2013 IDDBA Recap • instore

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of inStore - 2013 IDDBA Recap

inStore - 2013 IDDBA Recap
Table of Contents
Overview - Filling the gaps
Speaker Recap - Foodie all-stars
Cake Competition - Cake decorating challenge
Show & Sell - Bakery
Show & Sell - Deli
Show & Sell - Cheese
Show & Sell - Concepts
Booth Roundup

inStore - 2013 IDDBA Recap