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gear up for valentine’s 26 34 50 super bowl labor savers mardi gras JUL + AUG 2013 / ISSUE NO. 05

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of instore - July/August 2013

instore - July/August 2013
Editor's note - Gear up for Valentine's Day
Table of Contents
News - On Our Radar
Consumer Insights - Trending: Cakes
Trendspotting: Cupcakes Rise to the Occasion
Trending - Rotisserie Chicken
Trendspotting: Rotisserie on the Rise
Consider: Upscale Hispanics
Gear up for the Super Bowl - Big Play Opportunities
Special Topic - Labor Savers
Labor-friendly safety features
Valentine's Day
Gear up for Mardi Gras - Not just for NOLA
Product Trends - First to Market
National Tortilla Day
Product Showcase/Ad Index
Next up: Gear up for March Madness

instore - July/August 2013