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consumer insights TRENDING Pizza Nationally, the deli department increased average dollars per store per week 1.7% Deli Pizza Average Weekly Sales per Store by Region PREVIOUS YEAR 52 WEEKS ENDING IN 6/29/13 during the 52 weeks ending June 29, 2013. the previous year. This decline was fueled 27 $5 39 $7 $7 68 $6 $6 72 1 0 $7 store per week sales of $701, down from $715 $7 tion to deli prepared foods with average per 15 pizza had the sixth largest dollar contribu- 55 95 3.9% compared to the previous year. Deli $5 $1 utor to deli department sales and increased $9 ,0 85 0 3 Deli prepared foods was the largest contrib- by the 1.2% decline in the number of stores selling deli pizza. The highest-selling time of year for deli pizza was the week ending February 9, 2013, which includes sales from the day before and day of the Super Bowl. While whole pizzas contributed 65.4% to TOTAL U.S. CENTRAL REGION EAST REGION SOUTH REGION WEST REGION deli pizza dollar sales, whole pizzas’ sales declined 5.1% compared to the previous year while slices and pizza components Total U.S. Deli Pizza Dollar Share by Sub-category increased in sales and popularity. Pizza 52 WEEKS ENDING 6/29/13 components, including pizza dough and sauce, had the highest growth, up 8.9% to 65.4% reach average weekly sales of $72 per store. Pizza slices had modest growth, up 1.9% to 11.6% $74 per store per week. 10.6% Regionally, average deli pizza sales declined 11.6% across each of the four U.S. regions. The East 2.2% region generated the highest per store per WHOLE DELI PIZZA OTHER DELI PIZZA DELI PIZZA BY THE SLICE DELI PIZZA COMPONENT DELI CALZONE/STROMBOLI week sales at $985, a 1.8% decline from the previous year. The West and South regions had the lowest average weekly sales per store at $527 and $668, respectively. The Total U.S. Deli Pizza Average Sales per Store by Week Central region, which sold $755 per store per PREVIOUS YEAR 52 WEEKS ENDING IN 6/29/13 week, had the largest decline, down 5.1%. $900 This sales review is provided by Nielsen Perishables Group. Based in Chicago, Nielsen Perishables Group specializes in retail measurement, analytics, marketing communications, category development, promotional best practices and shopper insights. Reported results are for July 7, 2012, through June 29, 2013. Results were compiled from key U.S. grocery, mass/supercenter and club chains, including 18,000 stores nationwide. For more information, contact Nielsen Perishables Group: Kelli Beckel, 773.929.7013; email: 20 • SEP + OCT 2013 • instore $800 $700 $600 7/7/12 8/7/12 9/7/12 10/7/12 11/7/12 12/7/12 1/7/13 2/7/13 3/7/13 4/7/13 5/7/13 6/7/13

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inStore - September/October 2013
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inStore - September/October 2013