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consumer trends CONSIDER Sugar-Free Shoppers While some cities and states have attempted to regulate sweetener intake in one way or another, whether it be banning large “sugary” drinks as in New York City or taxing drinks or items with added sugar in several other locales, the potential intensity of these efforts is evident. For the industry overall, speakers at this year’s International Sweetener Colloquium noted that the sweetener industry will face more challenges in 2013 and later, all with the intent of reducing sweetener consumption, but with much of the impact likely not seen for two or three years. The public health community “has sugar directly in its sights,” says Elizabeth Johnson, a consultant with Food Directions DC. “Today, sugar is the latest villain.” Sugar has become one of the “negative nutrients” along with saturated fat and sodium, she adds. As a result, demand appears to be on the rise again for sugar-free bakery options. Bakery manufacturers like Hill & Valley are expanding their product lines to include more flavors of “no sugar added” or “sugar free” bakery items. Hill & Valley ( recently introduced no-sugar-added red velvet cupcakes, as well as three new flavors of sugar-free cookies and crème cake (butter cookies, double chocolate cookies, and carrot cream cheese swirl sliced crème cake). While any impact on sugar consumption from consumer groups or government restrictions may be years away, the sugar industry is facing an immediate impact from surplus supplies in the United States and Mexico. While sugar users, including bakers, beverage, candy and food manufacturers, welcome the lower prices after several years of historically strong values, for sugar producers the lows are coming at a most inopportune time because of delayed legislative action in creating a new farm bill. A recent poll uncovered: 75% of parents believe sugar consumption has increased in some way. Americans’ consumption of sugar (sucrose) has decreased by 35% in the past 42 years, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), but the results of a recent poll show that most parents believe just the opposite. The poll — conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of The Sugar Association — asked 478 parents of children under the age of 18, how they The Sugar Association has petitioned the Food and Drug thought sugar consumption in the United States has changed over the Administration (FDA) to follow Canada’s lead and set food label guid- past 40 years. ance that clearly identifies which ingredients are artificial sweeteners and how much of each are found in a product. The petition has been pending with the FDA for eight years. 24 • SEP + OCT 2013 • instore

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inStore - September/October 2013
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inStore - September/October 2013