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department spotlight beverages DEPARTMENT SPOTLIGHT by John Unrein C offee may have been traditionally enjoyed steaming hot, but new research from Mintel reveals the habit for a “hot cup of joe” is changing as consumers realize colder coffee is a tasty and refreshing year-round alternative. More than most countries, the US has embraced cold coffee—especially in foodservice. Mintel research shows that cold-served coffee’s share of all coffee on menus of US restaurants and coffee houses increased from 19% to 22% between 2009 and 2012. However, looking at just the first quarter of 2013, its share has jumped from 22% to 24%, highlighting that interest in iced and frozen coffee is not only accelerating, but is now transcending a summer-only appeal. Jonny Forsyth, global drinks analyst at Mintel, says that cold coffee, especially frozen-blended, has become very trendy in major US cities such as New York. “But it is more than just a momentary fad,” Forsyth says. “Its usage has been building for the last few years and actually reflects the changing tastes of the younger generation.” Flavored iced teas are gaining popularity, as well, especially among younger shoppers. Lisette Gaviña Lopez, marketing director for F. Gaviña & Sons, makers of Gaviña Gourmet Coffee, says tea can be overlooked as a cornerstone drink in your beverage lineup, but times are changing. “Flavored teas are becoming much more popular, and tea has just exploded over the last two years,” Gaviña Lopez says. “Consumers are looking for le. healthier drink options. Tea is very popular among young people. They fast.” perceive tea as energizing and better for them, even for breakfast.” ead po Fruit-infused black and green teas are gaining widespread popuowing ast. larity, and flavors like pomegranate and hibiscus are growing fast. alty as, Gaviña Gourmet Coffee recently introduced new Specialty Iced teas, conut, including Ginger Peach, Mango Green, Decaf Island Coconut, and Organic Hibiscus. 60 • SEP + OCT 2013 • instore “Our teas were developed with the same level of pride we take in creating a new coffee blend. We carefully selected each tea to achieve the taste profile and quality standard that is worthy of the Gaviña name. It’s because we care about our iced tea as much as our coffee,” according to Gaviña. Shoppers are thirsting for drinks they believe are lighter, healthier, and more “natural” than soft drinks and other sweetened beverages. There’s been a clear shift toward zero calories, very pronounced over the past year, says Jim Gaylord, Wegmans’ category merchant overseeing beverages. “Sodas, both diet and regular, aren’t selling quite as well as in years past, though they still make up about half the sales of bottled beverages,” he says. “Customers are searching for alternatives. They may not give up soda 24% of coffee served in US restaurants is over ice.

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inStore - September/October 2013
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inStore - September/October 2013