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product trends BIZARRE HOLIDAY Originating from Sweden, International Waffle Day honors the first International Waffle Day patent for a waffle maker, which was issued to Cornelius Swartout in 1869. While the historical details of this fun and quirky holiday may not be as well known in the US, International Waffle Day presents an opportunity for fun and innovative eating concepts in the bakery and deli. Most importantly, it is key to look beyond the common way an American waffle is presented and eaten. While the classic breakfast goes great with maple syrup and butter, lending a savory twist to the product will undoubtedly catch the attention of shoppers. Waffles are actually great sandwich making material, particularly with breakfast-style meats like sausage, ham, and bacon. On top of that, mix in some maple syrup to achieve a mixture of sweet and savory. Next, hug the waffle around the delicious concoction and carefully wrap it in parchment paper, to avoid messiness. The waffle sandwich is a great grab and go item and it stands out from the typical deli sandwich offerings. While the sandwich unquestionably falls into the category of experimental “foodie” cuisine, it’s not too exotic, so regular shoppers will still be willing to give the new eating experience a try. In addition, pair a variety of cheeses with whatever meats are available for the sandwiches and lightly melt the cheese before pouring on the maple syrup. The waffle sandwich allows the bakery and deli to work as a team and create a delicious and novel treat for customers who are looking for a quick grab and go item. Many sandwiches translate seamlessly into the waffle concept. Waffle sandwich ideas • Ham and cheddar • Sausage, bacon, and cheddar • Ham and gouda • Cheddar BLT with an egg • Peanut butter and jelly • Sliced fried chicken and cheddar 72 • SEP + OCT 2013 • instore

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inStore - September/October 2013
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inStore - September/October 2013