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editor's note the thanksgiving issue It Won't Be the Same Looking ahead to June, when the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery  Carol Christison brought big ideas and big speakers to the table, and  Association heads to Denver for its 50th annual seminar and expo, I  challenged the industry to look forward and always focus on the silver  am wondering how the show will feel without the presence of Carol  linings. Her quick wit and sense of humor will be sorely missed. She  Christison, the IDDBA's longtime president and CEO. She died on March  worked closely with industry leaders to build a consensus better than  4, leaving behind an organization and an industry that she truly loved  most, with modesty and clear direction. She defined leadership. with all of her heart. Listen to Voni Woods at Giant Eagle Supermarkets, who introduced  As a journalist, I am guided by the principle of maintaining objectivity,  Carol at the 2013 annual seminar with these kind words:  "You are a  striving to never allow emotions to enter into the discussion, and yet  leader and visionary and disciplined strategic thinker. You are amaz- with news of Carol's death, neutrality is going to be impossible. Because  ingly perceptive about people and talent. You are a woman to reckon  she was always my favorite. with in the industry of leaders, and you do it with such grace and confidence...always with that humor of yours, which is scaring me, because  Carol Christison was the most personable friend I've ever met in the  I get it. You have been a mentor and role model and such an inspiration  instore business. I can picture her now walking the expo floor, greeting  to many, including me." all with such kindness and making everyone feel as though they were  the most special person in the world. That's the irony. She was the most  I must admit how difficult it will be to stand near the front stage, where  special person in the world. I customarily position myself to take photos of the IDDBA headline  speakers, because Carol won't be there standing front and center. She  It is remarkable to look back on all that she accomplished since taking  won't stop her speech for a quick pose for the camera, like she always  over  in 1982 as executive director of the International Cheese & Deli  does, and make me smile. She won't be graciously thanking all of the  Association (bakery didn't become part of the name until 1991). The  important people in the industry who give so much to raise the bar,  annual trade show flourished during her time, growing from less than  always thinking of others above her own contributions. I know the  1,000 in attendance to more than 9,000 attendees each year. show must go on, but it just won't be the same without Carol.     John Unrein instore  *  MAR + APR 2014  *  3

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Instore - March/April 2014
Editor's Note - The Thanksgiving Issue
What's in store for Nov. + Dec.
Table of Contents
News - Industry Mourns Loss of Carol Christison
On Our Radar
Trending - Muffins
Trending - Deli Prepared Foods
Regulation - Nutrition Labels
Proposed changes at a glance
Consider Whole Grains
Grab-and-go Growing
The Flavors of a Diverse America
Promoting Value
Connecting to Communities
All You Need is Cheese
Embracing Hispanic Trends
Product Trends - First to Market
Product Showcase/Ad Index
Next Up - Christmas and New Year's

instore - March/April 2014