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the thanksgiving issue contents  10   News        Trending:     12 Muffins, Deli Sides,     What's on our radar this month?   Potatoes  Consumer data and insights from Nielsen Perishables Group.  2 0   Regulation Watch:     Nutrition Labels   Grab-and-Go  Growing 26 Shoppers today have the most hectic schedules ever and need convenient options. "[consumers]  expect bakery  products to be a much  better quality than  commercial."  Learn how nutrition labels will be changing.  2 4   Consider:     Whole Grains   Whole grains are a trend that continues to gain momentum.  5 4   First to Market      The latest from industryleading suppliers.  59   Gear up for the     next instore   the culture of  food is influenced  dramatically by region  of the country." Christmas and New Year's Eve present big opportunity. Hispanic grocery  store business is  steadily improving." All You Need  is Cheese 40 The Flavors  of a Diverse  America 32 While turkey will always be the go-to Thanksgiving entree, flavor trends are shifting. Cheese offers a multitude of meal options. From appetizers to desserts, cheese works. Cheese can  add interest to  almost any holiday  entrée and can easily  keep up with trends." Embracing  Hispanic  44 Trends Hispanic foods transcend the Hispanic demographic to all American shoppers. 8  *  MAR + APR 2014  *  instore 008_IB_MarApr14_Contents.indd 8 3/14/2014 9:18:26 AM

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Instore - March/April 2014
Editor's Note - The Thanksgiving Issue
What's in store for Nov. + Dec.
Table of Contents
News - Industry Mourns Loss of Carol Christison
On Our Radar
Trending - Muffins
Trending - Deli Prepared Foods
Regulation - Nutrition Labels
Proposed changes at a glance
Consider Whole Grains
Grab-and-go Growing
The Flavors of a Diverse America
Promoting Value
Connecting to Communities
All You Need is Cheese
Embracing Hispanic Trends
Product Trends - First to Market
Product Showcase/Ad Index
Next Up - Christmas and New Year's

instore - March/April 2014