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the super bowl Merchandising Tips For effective sampling a living, breathing, and selling person needs to be present. Not only will they engage customers on a personal level, but they can upsell products and steer shoppers in the directions you wish them to go. Whether you hire outside companies to do this or keep it in-house, the people working on the sampling displays and demonstrations need to have specific training and detailed product knowledge of what is being sampled and demonstrated. 1. Create a one-stop-shop for party hosts. "Position yourself as a party destination. Are you making it easy for the host?" says Joel Gregoire, industry analyst at NPD Group. This is where cross merchandising snacks and beverages come into play. 2. Have several points of interruption flagging related items. If using ready-display pallets, a half-pallet allows for more points of interest, says Joe Milando, a VP of sales at Trophy Foods. 3. Prizes pay off. Laurie Jennings of Masstown Market once did an Xbox giveaway as part of a promo. As Jennings sees it: "An ad in the local paper costs $1,000; the Xbox cost us $200." Sure, only existing customers see the promo, but Jennings says it creates buzz, and shoppers spread the word to friends and family. 4. Get typing! Yucatan Foods' Kristyn Lawson says giving party tips via online social media creates excitement and has a broad reach. All Dressed Up Bake in style with our paper baking molds Toll-Free: 877-896-6682 Fax: 510-215-9175 instore * JUL + AUG 2014 * 41

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inStore - July/August 2014
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inStore - July/August 2014