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shopper demographics Trendspotting: Fondant Cakes Fondant cakes continue to gain popularity across the country, as cake decorators push the envelope of their creativity. According to Wilton, square-covered cakes, bubbles, painted fondant and imprinting were all the rage for fondant cakes in 2014. Looking ahead to this year, expect to see increased experimentation with shapes, along with new color trends for fondant cakes. The most dominant color story of spring/summer 2015 is called powdery pastels. Soft hues and icy tones from previous seasons became softer and more powdery. Blush and flesh shades are updates to the previous nude color trend, while feather gray remains a key neutral. When mixing color, always mix a small amount of color to experiment. Start with base color and then add very small amounts of secondary color. The most dominant color story of spring/ summer 2015 is called powdery pastels. Other key color trends for cake decorators this year include aqua, feather gray, jade, mauve, warm gold and Marsala wine. Cake decorators can benefit from an increasing array of fondant options, including more color options, from leading suppliers of fondant and cake decorating supplies. The following are examples of fondant choices on the market. Satin Ice fondant is a low cost ingredient that completely transforms a cake, attracting a higher price for your cake and greater profit margins to grow your business. Available in an extensive range of colors, Satin Ice is smooth, pliable and forgiving. "Satin Ice fondant grows my business. Fondant cakes excite my customers, generating much higher profits." Lisa Mansour, professional cake artist 14 * JAN + FEB 2015 * instore "Satin Ice fondant grows my business. Fondant cakes excite my customers, generating much higher profits," says professional cake artist Lisa Mansour. Fondarific is bringing more choices to the fondant world by manufacturing gourmet fondant in the United States with 13 flavors and 14 brilliant colors. Fondarific has a smooth, creamy texture and is available in 8-ounce, 2-pound, 5-pound and 10-pound containers. Creative flavors include grape, peppermint and, the newest flavor option, cinnamon bun, which will remind customers of their favorite warm cinnamon pastry.

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instore - Jan + Feb 2015
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instore - Jan + Feb 2015