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seasonal promotions summer occasions by Bob Sims Once summer begins its approach, supermarket deli and foodservice departments will need to start preparing for the celebrations and activities that come with it. Independence Day marks the biggest celebration of the summer in America. America's birthday celebration centers on grilling, and that means you'll need to stock up on a large variety of meat and sides. Partner Up More than $75 million Partner with your store's Americans will host a barbeque to meat department to cross celebrate Independence Day this year. merchandise its specials with your foodservice and deli offerings. Both departments should post signage that directs shoppers to the other department. Managers of both departments should meet in advance to coordinate special deals based on high selling items from previous years. In addition, try to come up with interesting alternatives that might spark shopper interest. Some customers might want to forgo the cooking altogether, but still host the Fourth of 30 * JAN + FEB 2015 * instore The foodservice department needs to offer all the Fourth of July barbeque staples prepared and ready-to-go. July Party. The foodservice department needs to offer all the Fourth of July barbeque staples prepared and ready-to-go. In addition to the usual proteins such as ribs, burgers, hot dogs and sausages, sides will most likely sell the most for large portions. Knowing the top sellers means you'll be prepared in deli, foodservice and bakery well in advance. Make the Fourth of July offerings special because the holiday is special to Americans. Supermarkets see a lot of party platter type products sell big during this part of the year. Veggie and meat and cheese trays will do well. Rather than just the standard year round platter offerings, make them special by using non-standard veggies like sliced peppers and artisan cheeses with out-of-the-ordinary charcuterie. All of America's cook outs and Independence Day parties will need desserts. No party is complete without an assortment of cookies, cakes, brownies, etc., to wash down the large amounts of grilled meat and tasty side dishes.

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instore - Jan + Feb 2015
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instore - Jan + Feb 2015