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A New Consumer Group Worth Watching T PHOTO: HOT POCKETS he most disruptive group of future food consumers, according The study, which confirmed emotional needs - not just physical needs - to bestselling author and self-described futurist Mike Walsh, are at the core of why people snack, identified a variety of opportunities was born in 2007. "If you understand how an 8-year-old thinks, for convenience store operators to drive growth through prepared food you're a long way toward really understanding a transformative change snack sales: in consumer behavior," says Walsh, CEO of innovation research lab Tomorrow. Not only was 2007 the year of the global financial crisis; it Late afternoon/evening offers potential for incremental prepared food was also the year Apple introduced the iPhone. Walsh implored the purchases: Although convenience store traffic is highest during morning audience to consider the dramatic changes in everyday life as a result and lunch dayparts, the study showed half of all recent convenience of this technology. store snack purchases were between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. Of those snack purchases, however, only 22 percent included a prepared food item. "What does this have to do with food?" he asks. "It's actually essential because when you think about your 8-year-old, how they make Consumers view snacks as an opportunity to reward themselves with judgments about food, about food brands, eating and dining, it's all indulgence: The study showed that consumers are looking for late connected to that experience of the smartphone." Already, Instagram has afternoon and evening snacks to be a reward and indulgence. The transformed the dining experience, and food packaging is increasingly research also indicated that compared to prepackaged snacks, prepared joining the connected era with scannable codes and interactive labels. food snacks in convenience stores more strongly fulfill that need. Snack Time Highlight fresh prepared food offerings to satisfy, but not fill up: According to the study, even for snack purchases, prepared food quality Armed with smartphones and dependent on social media, younger and freshness were the most important attributes consumers consider. shoppers also represent the most significant group of consumers to In addition, snacks should be easy to consume on-the-go and satisfy watch and respond to when examining the mega trend of snacking. without overfilling. Convenience store operators can increase sales of prepared food Target millennial impulse buyers: Operators should concentrate items by connecting late afternoon and evening snacking behaviors resources to capture this group's attention with strongly branded with purchases, according to a new study commissioned by Tyson signage, value-driven offerings and an emphasis on "quick and quality" Convenience Foodservice in partnership with Anheuser-Busch. product attributes. "Snacking is a mega-trend," says Kevin Miller, senior marketing manager for Tyson Convenience Foodservice. "According to a 2014 Technomic The Healthy Side of Snacks snacking study, 51 percent of Americans snack twice a day and 31 percent snack more frequently than they were just two years ago. As a Ready Pac Foods has released several simple, yet innovative, on- result, the snacking occasion has evolved from incidental to purposeful, the-go snack options to its popular Snack Cups and Ready Snax creating opportunity for convenience store operators to rethink their offerings-all perfect for school lunches and quick and healthy late afternoon and evening snack game plan." snacking. For indulgent flavors with fewer calories, Ready Snax is an 22 * SEP + OCT 2015 * instore

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instore - September + October 2015
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instore - Sept + Oct 2015