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ready your heart PHOTO CREDIT: TORRANCE BAKERY By Bob Sims T he foodservice areas of the supermarket and c-store need to plan ahead for Valentine's Day. Offering last minute sweets puts your store in a great position to reap the rewards of absent minded shoppers scrambling for something to give their sweetheart. It's a Given American shoppers spend a good amount of money on Valentine's Day. Maybe it's the romance in the air, maybe it's the expectation, or maybe it's the fun. Regardless of the reason(s), 2015 recorded the highest dollar amount spent by Americans on Valentine's Day in the last 12 years at $18.9 billion. Average Valentine's Day Spending Expectation Per Person in 2015: Men - $190.00 Women - $96.00 Average - $142.00 53.2% plan on purchasing candy, about $1.7 billion 21.1% plan on buying jewelry, about $4.8 billion 37.8% will buy flowers, costing $2.1 billion 35.1% will plan a date night, estimated at about $3.6 billion Supermarket bakery departments and c-store fresh food programs should position themselves to take full advantage of the holiday with 44 * SEPT + OCT 2015 * instore consumers willing to spend money. A shopper will likely impulse buy displayed products, especially something fresh, colorful and sweet. Sweet Treats For both supermarket bakeries and c-stores, certain products will sell best and offer the easiest solution to Valentine's Day planning. Cookies, donuts and cupcakes give foodservice departments an easily decorated and themed revenue generator for this popular holiday. Valentine's Decorating For Valentine's Day decorating ideas go to and click on the decorating tab. From there, click on "Valentine's Day" under the "Occasions" heading. Here you will find a wide variety of decorating ideas for the heart shaped holiday that cover cakes, cookies, cupcakes and donuts. From simple to intricate, you're sure to find something here that you can implement into your fresh foodservice or bakery line-up.

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instore - September + October 2015
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instore - Sept + Oct 2015