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Feature Profile: Dunford Bakers By John Unrein A s John Stevens, president/ owner, discusses the future of Dunford Bakers, a large independently owned commissary based in West Jordan, Utah, he shares details of recent success stories, including a $2 million expansion of their bread and bun production lines this year and the purchase of 2½ acres for an additional 50,000-square-foot facility. "Our bread shop is running 24 hours a day," says the president of Dunford, founded in 1931. "We're sending bread to the East Coast and the West Coast - hamburger and hot dog buns, sourdough, white, wheat, multigrain, a full line of breads. We do a lot of private label donuts, breads, buns, muffins and cookies for supermarkets, convenience stores and other retailers. It's really been fantastic." tor Team that supplies to 7-Elevens in the US, Canada and Mexico." Adds Dunford's sales manager Laura DeLeeuw: "They hold us to a very high standard." Dunford Bakers and sister company Rocky Mountain Bread tally a combined $25-30 million in annual sales, supplying grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores like 7-Eleven. They make up to 30 kinds of breads, ranging from cracked wheat/sprouted bread to mega multigrain, as well as numerous sweet goods (cookies, donuts, cupcakes, brownies and muffins) that include their most famous product, the Double Fudge Chocolate Cake Donut. "We use a proprietary mix and make our own chocolate icing with a superior fudge base," Stevens says. "The donut is totally enrobed in fudge icing. It's something we are very well known for, for years and years." Dawn Food Products is a key vendor that supplies donut mix to Dunford, which in turn makes donuts and distributes to 7-Eleven stores' fresh program 365 days a year. "7-Eleven is so good for fresh foods," Stevens says. "We are a member of the Fresh Bakery Opera- 14 * SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2015 * commissary INSIDER As consumer attitudes toward health gain importance within the food industry, this movement creates more urgency for innovative bakeries like Dunford to respond to customer needs. For example, Dunford uses a specific donut frying shortening from Bunge that is trans fat free. "We are seeing a trend toward trans fat free and healthier products," Stevens says. "You've got to look at people's attitudes toward health. " Food safety "is such a huge issue" today, he adds, putting additional pressure on them to ensure every baked

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