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editor's note SNACKING Have a second? We're all busy. This is being written between sips of coffee, quick shouts over the cubicle wall and continuous emails announcing their presence in the bottom, right-hand corner of the computer screen. You may be reading this during a momentary reprieve in your workday, perhaps held captive on a plane or during a commute. If the writing and reading of a simple, short editor's note is interrupted continuously, what does our hectic work (and play) schedule do to our meals? Simply, we're eating smaller amounts of food more often throughout the day. We're snacking more. Much more. The research firm Technomic, Inc. recently released data showing that the already furious growth of snacking has increased even more in the last two years - 83 percent of consumers snack on a daily basis, which is a seven-percent increase from 2014. Furthermore, 53 percent of consumers (up from 41 percent in 2014) are snacking in between their three daily meals. Consumers aren't just gulping down any snack they can get their hands on. As IDDBA's Alan Hiebert says in our cover feature, snacking today is much more complex from a shipper's perspective. It is now more purposeful, and the snacks need to fulfill a wider range of needs than in the past. Research shows that snacking can be emotionally, socially or culturally driven, a means to stay alert and, perhaps above all, they can be folded into a healthy lifestyle. So how does this impact the fresh and prepared sections of supermarkets and c-stores? That's what we explore in this issue, particularly in Hiebert's piece, beginning on page 12. That story helps kick off two issues of coverage in anticipation of IDDBA's Dairy-Deli-Bake Seminar & Expo, slated for June 5-7 in Houston. Next month's issue will be three times as large as the one in your hands in preparation for the show. The way we eat is changing, and it's only adding more opportunity to our already bustling industry. Ryan Atkinson RATKINSON@SOSLAND.COM instore * APRIL 2016 * 3

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instore - April 2016
Editor's Note - SNACKING: Have a second?
Table of Contents
News - On our radar
Spotlight - By the Numbers: Donuts
Cover story - Snacking evolved
Commissary Insider - Insight Insider: Good to go fresh aims to please
Food Safety - Pathogen Detection
Equipment Weighing the options
Product Category Spotlight: Ethnic, easy and healthy
Packaging: Peace of mind with tamper-evident technology
Operations and Logistics: Traceability in the supply chain
Product Knowledge - Need to Know: Specialty cheese
Merchandising - On Display: Independence Day
Speciality Insights - Consider Gluten-free Bakery
Equipment & Packaging - Latest Innovation: Rapid-cook ovens
Product Trends
Product Showcase
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instore - April 2016