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news ON OUR RADAR The National Grocers Association (NGA) released topline results from its consumer trends study, which for the first time segments independent supermarket shoppers from national chain shoppers. The survey was conducted on behalf of the National Grocers Association by Nielsen. Nielsen conducted the study from December 7, 2015 to December 22, 2015 and surveyed shoppers adults ages 18 and older who shop at national, regional or independent grocery stores. The results revealed high consumer satisfaction among independent supermarkets. Eighty percent of respondents who primarily shop at an independent supermarket reported being very/extremely satisfied compared to 65 percent of respondents who reported being very/ extremely satisfied with a national chain. "As community stewards with their finger on the pulse of local demand, independent supermarket operators understand the value of fresh as a differentiator to the large national chains," said NGA President and CEO Peter J. Larkin. As part of its ongoing dedication to animal welfare and customer needs, Gemperle Family Farms, known as an industry leader in specialty eggs, announced its ongoing commitment to an organic and cage-free egg production future. "At Gemperle Farms, we understand the role we have in raising chickens and providing affordable, sustainable eggs to the local food chain," Gemperle Family Farms president Steve Gemperle said. "Today's announcement reaffirms our ongoing commitment to animal welfare and providing the fresh local eggs our customers want to buy." For more than two decades, Gemperle Farms has proudly featured cage-free and organic eggs. The decision to focus on a future of cagefree and organic eggs arose from Gemperle Farms' long-standing commitment to high animal welfare standards and customer buying decisions. "We have always appreciated consumers that support the cage-free and organic movements through their purchasing choices both at grocery stores and in restaurants," Gemperle said. "The trend we now see is that there are more grocers, restaurants and food manufacturers who are catching on to these consumer choices. This shift will allow us to 8 * APRIL 2016 * instore move towards a one hundred percent organic and cage-free future for Gemperle Family Farms." Good Foods, makers of tableside guacamole, announced that its new line of Grab & Go snack cups are now available nationwide in four varieties - Guacamole, Salsa, Avocado Tomatillo Salsa and Artichoke Jalapeno dip, each with tortilla chips. "Health conscious consumers are searching for convenient, great tasting snacks that offer positive nutritional benefits," said Mandy Bottomlee, Marketing Director for the Good Foods brand. "We're thrilled that we can offer the experience of handmade restaurant quality dips that are not only gluten free, but contain no artificial preservatives, no artificial colors and no added sugar." Good Foods Grab & Go snack cups are conveniently packaged in 3.38 oz. single-serve, ergonomically friendly cups. Each pack contains between 140 and 250 calories. Currently available in the refrigerated produce department at Sprouts Farmers Markets, Hy-Vee, Walgreens and select Publix Super Markets. Suggested retail price is $2.49. Seaweed is the new kale; hemp milk is replacing almond milk; non-GMO products are in; glutenfree is yesterday and matcha is the new "it" product, according to the trendspotters at Swanson Health Products. "We are able to identify trends in customer purchasing from various sources within our company," said Swanson CEO Ken Harris. "Swanson carries almost 30,000 products and is able to track purchasing habits on all of them. We not only offer 600 teas-we can tell you what's trending in tea and how our customers are buying it." Additional trendspotting reveals more new snacks made with ancient grains; herbs being used to handle stress; extra-virgin coconut oil is the new extra-virgin olive oil; lactose-friendly, vitamin-rich ghee is starting to replace butter; vegetarian products are on the rise, while the sale of vegan products has slowed slightly. And speaking of butter... organic nut butters are on the rise.

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instore - April 2016
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instore - April 2016