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product knowledge Between consumers now approaching health and weight management with an "all things in moderation" outlook and their wildly expanding curiosity regarding new and international flavors, dessert cakes may just be having a heyday. At the very least, they're having a party - we know that much. According to the 2016 edition of the IDDBA's What's In Store, cake is still the most popular item purchased at in-store bakeries. And with the average shopper only spending about 30 seconds in their grocer's bakery, it's all about the impulse buy. And what better way is there to grab attention than with outlandish flavor and extravagent colors and decorations? "The biggest trend I am seeing right now in dessert cakes is decadent indulgence," says Stephanie Dillon, a cake artist at Hy-Vee in Lee's Summit, MO, whose daily interaction with the public has her on the ground floor of what's trending. "It's double dessert - it's dessert on top of your cake. You can take desserts already offered in your bakery, such as mini eclairs, cream puffs, or cannolis, and feature them on top or around the sides of your cake. This adds an over-the-top scrumptiousness look, and really makes for a showpiece." Tina Steichen, cake design supervisor at DecoPac, enthusiastically agrees, adding that flavor variation is also a sure-fire hit. "It's all about flavor and decadence!" she says. "It's not just traditional chocolate and strawberry now, but pistachio and bacon. We're seeing fun combinations like chocolate covered cheese puffs, pretzels and cannolis topping dessert cakes in the case. Being creative with flavor combinations will catch consumer interest and keep them coming back for more. Flavor and decadence go hand-in-hand for the dessert case." "The biggest trend I am seeing right now in dessert cakes is decadent indulgence." Stephanie Dillon Decadence, indeed - but on a small scale. "Small, personal, decadent desserts are becoming more prominent in the cake case," Steichen continues. "Loaded jumbo cupcakes, loaded donuts, and 4-inch desserts are some of the product forms we're seeing more often." Nicole Frattura, senior sales and marketing planner at Hoff's Bakery, which also operates as a wholesale distributer, concurs, saying that 28 * AUGUST 2016 * instore their individual dessert lines are among their most popular items, especially 3-inch cakes, 4-inch tarts, and mini-bombs. "Our three major new items in 2016 are all individual desserts," she says. "Our 4-inch apple caramel tart, 3-inch ultimate chocolate, and 3-inch carrot cake are experiencing strong sales in the retail space. For decorating, the trend seems to be following the idea that less is more, as this gives items more of a homemade feel. Our cakes are elegant and simple with handmade touches. For instance, many of our cakes feature open sides, exposing the cake layers and filling to emphasize the quality ingredients in a sleek way. For the décor on top, we do most of the decorating by hand, and add rosettes, a continuous border, or sprinkled ganache to compliment the cake." YVDAVID - FOTOLIA / ADOBE STOCK Dessert cakes But Dillon has found that lately her customers want something a little more - mainly, texture and variation. TORRIPHOTO - FOTOLIA / ADOBE STOCK NEED TO KNOW

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instore - August 2016
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instore - August 2016