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equipment & packaging LATEST INNOVATION Combination ovens Foodservice retailers are stretching. They're continually becoming more nimble, more flexible. Whereas fresh, in-store foodservice offerings used to be relatively straightforward and unvaried, today's supermarkets and c-stores strive to offer a wide array of new, classic, and interesting dishes and breads. That means today's ovens must be able to keep up. Ideally, they'll have that same kind of flexibility that retailers are working toward. "They're wanting to do more and more products in the store," says Harry Jacoby, president of MIWE, a manufacturer of ovens, bakery refrigeration systems, automation and more. "Instead of bringing in pre-baked stuff or stuff that just needs to be re-heated, retailers are creating more stuff right there in the store, and that requires a lot more flexibility." The backcombi from MIWE combines the active heat of convection and the baking atmosphere of the deck oven to make in-store baking more flexible. And when it comes to ovens, that means installing and using combination models. For MIWE, the backcombi oven fits the bill, combining the active heat of convection with the gentle baking atmosphere of the deck oven. "Breads are best baked on a deck oven, and other products like pastries, muffins, and things like that are better baked in a convection oven." Harry Jacoby, MIWE "Obviously, in the world of baking, you have either convection baking, which is baking with air - blowing air across the product - or you have deck ovens, or hearth baking, where you're baking on a hot surface," Jacoby says. "Breads are best baked on a deck oven, and other products like pastries, muffins, and things like that are better baked in a convection oven." The backcombi oven combines either the MIWE aero or the MIWE econo - both convection units - with the MIWE condo to combine two oven systems in minimal space. The two ovens can then be joined to a proof box. "We call it a standalone baking center," Jacoby says. "It has a convection oven on top and one or two hearth ovens below. And those are either on a stand or a proof box. For us, that's a combination oven. There is no one oven that does both. By putting it all in bone stack, you have everything you need in one, small footprint." 32 * AUGUST 2016 * instore That combination of equipment taking up a minimal amount of space can be important for space-restricted supermarkets or c-stores that are trying to expand their offerings. Manitowac Foodservice offers combination ovens under its Convotherm and Merrychef brands. Convotherm offers combination steamers while Merrychef manufactures speed ovens. The Convotherm 4 features an ACS+ system that the company says ensures peak cooking performance, guaranteeing perfect steam saturation, automatic humidity adjustment in combi-steam cooking and fast, even heat transfer for convection. That helps deliver a consistent environment in the cooking chamber for all products, from vegetables and meat to fish and side dishes or baked goods - fresh, frozen or precooked, all at the same time. The ACS system offers steam, combi-steam, convection and regenerating functions. The combi-steam function can handle mixed loads - meaning retailers could theoretically cook roast pork, fish, frozen vegetables and bake bread and a cake, all simultaneously. The automatic moisture regulation of the function creates the optimum oven environment for each product combination.

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instore - August 2016
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instore - August 2016