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merchandising ON DISPLAY Tailgating season The summer months are typically thought of as prime time when it comes to grilling and outdoor eating. Memorial Day, Independence Day, picnics, pool parties, and gatherings on the deck at home: it all goes hand-in-hand with someone setting up camp in front of a grill, doling out hamburgers or brats onto paper plates. "While most people think of grilling as a summertime activity, many forget that the fall brings football season, and thus, tailgating," says Marianne Quinlan-Sacksteder, director for sales and marketing research firm Acosta. In turn, retailers have more time to think about merchandising opportunities surrounding grilling, parties and outdoor eating. According to Acosta, 39 percent of shoppers who grill do so during all 12 months of the year, and 69 percent light the grill eight or more months of the year. Millennial and male grillers - as well as grillers with children - grill more frequently than the average US griller. But as summer starts winding down and the dog days of August roll into the shorter days of September, it will become clear that summer, while perhaps still king, is not the only grilling season of the year. With the Labor Day weekend kicking things off, the fall months - complete with cooler, perhaps more bearable weather in some regions and the popular pastime of tailgating for football games- are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to grilling. MOST POPULAR TAILGATE SIDES SOURCE: ACOSTA 36 * AUGUST 2016 * instore Pelham says there are a couple of factors that lead to the propensity to grill during the summer and fall months. "Our research shows shoppers choose to grill for two primary reasons: it provides a better flavor than other cooking methods and also gives them a chance to enjoy the outdoors," he says. "This outdoor enjoyment factor, coupled with warmer weather, is likely some of the reason why we also found that almost eight in 10 grillers cook outside for key 67% 52% 51% 51% 49% CHIPS, PRETZELS, SNACKS DIPS / CHEESE DIPS VEGETABLES / VEGGIE TRAYS SALADS DESSERTS / TREATS ANDREKA PHOTOGRAPHY - FOTOLIA / ADOBE STOCK Forty percent of grillers say they routinely center home parties or tailgates around sporting events. "Tailgate grilling - either at the stadium or at home - provides a unique cooking experience, and also menu versatility," says Josh Pelham, director of insights and strategy for Acosta. "Retailers and brands should keep these occasions and foods in mind when developing seasonal displays and creating meal solutions for shoppers." DECOPAC Of all grillers researched, more than 60 percent said they combine the grilling experience with tailgating, whether at the stadium or at home. Twenty-nine percent say they grill at the stadium or arena, while 40 percent use a big game as an excuse to fire up the home grill.

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instore - August 2016
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instore - August 2016