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Product Spotlight: Sandwich wraps - making a comeback? PHOTO: REAL WRAPS By Stephanie DeCamp raps may not seem as popular as they once were when they first came on the scene, but no one can deny their perseverance in the marketplace - at the end of the day they're just easier to eat while driving your car than a sandwich. But that's not all that's happening with the sandwich wrap these days - like most prepared, grab-and-go foods, it too is having its flavor profile reassessed to accommodate today's more adventuresome consumer palate. W A lot of that change has centered on heat and spice, says Tom Vierhile, innovation insights director of Canadean, a market research firm. To illustrate the point, he says you only need to look at hummus as an example, which is used in many commissary-made wraps. "Heat is working in categories like hummus, where spicy products grew at a 22 percent rate for the year ending April 17, 2016, compared to the year earlier, according to IRI/Spins data," Vierhile says. "That compares to just 2 percent growth for non-spicy hummus skus over the same period. Heat also works well in meat and dairy, paving the way for future innovation." The Real Wrap Co. of Bristol, England is a commissary that's already risen to the challenge of incorporating new flavors successfully, while also expanding its initial offerings to include products other than wraps. So while wraps now only make up about 20 percent of its profits (the rest being sandwiches), Real Wrap still pays special attention to its namesake dish. "We have a range of signature wraps invented by ourselves," says Jason Howell, business development director for the company. "My favorite has to be the 'El Jefe' - chicken, chorizo, mushroom, onion, spinach, aioli and hot chili. We are always developing new flavors, and are in the development process of more as we speak. These include various pulled meats, falafel, and halloumi as headline ingredients, though not in the same wrap." Hot, spicy and Middle Eastern influences, as Vierhile says, are some of the most popular out there right now. This is also backed up by Nielsen data, which reported that 'spicy' as a cheese flavoring has increased by over 100 percent in the year ending April 30, and that the fastest-growing cheese flavors during that period were garlic and fine herbs. Though Real Wrap delivers their wraps to clients exclusively in the United Kingdom, two of their three most popular varieties are Mexican in flavor profile, with the third being distinctly American - a perfect demonstration of how the evolution of consumer taste has evolved not just in America, but the world over. PHOTO: REAL WRAPS 10 * AUGUST 2016 * commissary INSIDER

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instore - August 2016
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instore - August 2016