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mashed avocado gets spread on a slice of grilled rustic white bread brushed with olive oil and
garnished with chopped pistachios and micro sprouts. A gluten-free tortilla wraps beef shawarma
with tomato slices and basil-infused Greek yogurt. Multi-grain flatbread is topped with diced
barbecue chicken, caramelized red onions and gorgonzola crumbles, then finished with a balsamic
drizzle. Innovative baked goods provide a canvas for the on-trend culinary creations consumers crave.
Bakers are being called to action to produce these products efficiently, economically and cleanly.
Baked goods have come a long way since packaged
sliced white loaves appeared on retail shelves in the
late 1920s. Today's consumers are seeking out cleaner
labels, artisan quality and better-for-you formulations,
along with internationally inspired concepts for
creative recipe development.
But, as 2020 has shown the food and beverage
industry, the marketplace is unpredictable. The first
few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic had consumers
putting all preferences aside to simply have bread-
any bread-for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, as
well as buns for burgers and hot dogs, and tortillas for
any day Taco Tuesday. So, bakers baked and retailers

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stocked shelves, day and night, for weeks in a row.
Bread, buns and tortillas are versatile comfort foods
and are always popular during emergencies, be it
a flood, fire or virus. Efficient ingredient solutions
enable rapid production to fill orders in a timely
manner. These systems will often include shelf
life extenders to slow staling, molding and other
biological changes, which helps keep product
affordable by reducing food waste.
Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer
that strives to sustainably transform the quality of
life every day for 80% of the world with its products

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Better Bakery - Kemin 2020

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