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and services, markets an extensive portfolio of
ingredients for the baking and snack industries.
This includes the recent launch of batch packs,
premixes, emulsifiers and enzyme blends specific to
tortillas, flatbreads and baked goods. These products
complement Kemin's existing portfolio of plant
extracts, antioxidants and mold-inhibiting products
to help manufacturers maintain safety and freshness.

products, some more so than others. It can be
challenging to predict orders and have enough
product to meet demand at any baking level, from
artisan single-store shops to in-store bakeries to
commercial production for fast-food chains. The
right ingredient system allows for quick turnaround when demand surges or extending shelf
life to have product available for quick response."

"Our ingredient solutions provide bakers with the
tools to bake at their best," says Courtney Schwartz,
Marketing Director. "Baked goods are perishable

It's impossible to know what the future holds, but
what the COVID-19 pandemic showed the food
industry is that consumers want baked goods.

Tortilla and Flatbread Innovation
Tortillas-those perfectly round flatbreads prepared with corn or
wheat flour-have long been a staple food in Mexican fare. Oblong
variations, with more leavening, are indigenous to Asian and
Mediterranean cuisine. Today, all of these versatile alternatives to loaf
bread are part of American gastronomy and being used as wraps,
pizzas and even dippers.
Tortilla and flatbread manufacturers know no boundaries when it
comes to innovation. Many have expanded their product lines beyond
simple corn and flour varieties to include ancient grains and extra
nutrition, such as fiber, protein and healthful fats. Flavor variations are
possible through the inclusion of vegetable powders, herbs and spices.
Other points of distinction include gluten-free, low-carbohydrate,
organic and more.
Kemin offers tortilla and flatbread manufacturers a complete suite of
products to assist with efficient manufacturing and shelf life. From
complete drop-in solutions and premixes to individual functional
ingredients, including enzymes, emulsifiers and mold inhibitors,
Kemin's toolbox of ingredients come in liquid and dry variants, as well
as clean-label, organic and non-GMO options.
"The drop-in solutions contain blends of several functional ingredients
that each contribute quality characteristics and solve manufacturers'
challenges," says Courtney Schwartz, Marketing Director. "Those
challenges include raw material inventory management, precise
ingredient measurement, proper order of addition for each ingredient
and pricing optimization, along with continuous improvement from
our in-house research and development team, which also manages
regulatory compliance, ingredient traceability and critical analysis."
The company has a new Bakery Innovation Center complete with
essential bakery equipment, including tortilla pilot plant equipment,
to help customers speed up commercialization. This allows for limitedtime seasonal offerings. The team can also assist with trouble-shooting
appearance and texture issues, including ease of separation, stack
height, toast point, cracking edges and operational difficulties.

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Better Bakery - Kemin 2020

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