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So much so that when shelves were bare, they
flocked to the baking supplies aisle and bought out
ingredients for in-home baking projects.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, while many initial
purchases may have been urges to simply stock up,
after shoppers saw that there was not going to be a
food shortage, their value system went back into play.
This includes seeking out products labeled organic,
natural and whole grain.
As the world acquiesces to the new norm, health and

wellness will be more important than ever, as consumers
embrace the importance in taking care of the body to
fight off invaders. There will likely be an overhaul of the
food supply chain, with a return to simple, fresh, natural
foods, including bakery and snack foods.
"It will be more important than ever for bakery
and snack manufacturers to meet a wide variety
of demands," says Ms. Schwartz. "Kemin can help
with the perfect solution to best meet brand goals
for label claims and transparency, while managing
shelf life and ultimately pleasing consumers."

Snacks Present Flavorful Growth Opportunity
Consumers are increasingly
looking for "the right bite" as they
try to balance life with staying
healthy, according to research
from Innova Market Insights, The
Netherlands. Snacking is a crucial
part of this, as snacks can deliver
useful nutrition when there is no
time for a proper sit-down meal.
This is fueling innovation in betterfor-you baked chips and crackers.
When it comes to salty snacks,
there's also increased interest
in unique flavors and textures.
Adding nuts, seeds, herbs and
even real cheese is trending, along
with the use of nutrient-dense
grains and healthy oils. There's also
a growing trend with including
plant proteins and vegetable
powders in chips and crackers.
The tortilla chip category is
experiencing a surge of new
product innovation. Bold flavors
that combine sweet with heat-

think lime and chili-or meld
favorite flavors-think bacon
cheddar-have transformed
tortilla chips into being more than
a salsa and queso dipper. They are
now a grab-and-go item, and even
an accompaniment to charcuterie
and cheese trays.
Most chips and crackers include
oil or shortening in the batter or
dough to assist with developing
flavor and maintaining crisp or
crunch. These lipids, along with
those present in many of the
on-trend ingredients now being
explored in snack products, are
highly prone to oxidation, a
breakdown of the fat that produces
a stale, old, rancid taste and smell.  
Synthetic preservatives have
traditionally been added directly to
fats and oils to stop the oxidation
process, but these ingredients
are not considered label friendly
by today's consumers. Kemin has

an oil-soluble green tea extract
that is a suitable replacement. It
can be used in all types of fats,
including commodity ingredient
oils, which are more economical
than the high-oleic oils many
snack manufacturers are using to
replace partially hydrogenated oils.
When added to frying oil, green tea
extract can increase the number
of batches that can be fried in
the same oil.  It has a high flavor
threshold, does not precipitate in
oil and is heat stable. It also acts
synergistically with other plant
extracts, such as rosemary and
acerola, as well as tocopherols,
to further extend shelf life of the
Kemin has developed a number
of antioxidant blends that may be
added directly to the oil phase of
snacks. The antioxidant systems
may also be added to topical spray
oils to further extend finished
product shelf life.

* Kemin Internal Study

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