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Address Shelf-Life Before It
"Our technical team understands

how ingredients work together.
Factors like mixing procedures,
baking and storage temperatures,
water activity, and pH all can
affect shelf life and ultimately,
consumer appeal. From the simple
to the complex, we help bakers
solve flavor, color, microbial and
profit margin challenges to
ensure bakery and snack products
remain fresher, longer."
- Courtney Schwartz, Marketing Director,
Kemin Food Technologies

The "Antioxidants in Action" animated video explains how bakery
and snack products lose color and flavor over time because of
the oxidation process. Kemin's experts discuss the antioxidant
solutions available to help manufacturers overcome these
challenges and ensure products meet go-to-market goals.

Anti-staling Enzymes Keep Tortillas Fresh
Shelf life of baked goods may be shortened through
three pathways: lipid oxidation, mold growth and
staling. With the latter, soft breads become hard
and cakes crumble. Tortillas break apart. They lose
their pliability and can no longer wrap or roll, their
purpose for existence.

For the most part, the human
palate cannot detect these
natural modifications. The
consumer, however,
appreciates that product
stays fresher, longer.

Synthetic crumb softeners and emulsifiers have
long assisted in this area, but with the desire for
simpler, cleaner labels, bakers now often avoid these
solutions. Instead they are choosing anti-staling
enzymes, a newer category of ingredients that assists
with extending shelf life.

"There have
been many
advancements in
this space in the
past 10 years,
with the addition
of enzymes
having truly
revolutionized the
baking industry,"
says Emily Guilfoyle,
R&D ManagerBakery. "Anti-staling
enzymes have helped

Staling is caused by starch retrogradation or the
recrystallization of starch molecules in baked
goods. Enzymes can be selected to modify product
structure, which in turn delays staling. They break
down some component of the dough, such as fiber,
lipid, protein or starch. This varies by enzyme and

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Better Bakery - Kemin 2020

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