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Kemin Opens Bakery Innovation Center
Product Development ManagerBakery Applications. "The Center
brings together our scientists
from different areas to learn and
evaluate the commercial process
in house, saving time and creating
cost advantages, as extensive
travel is no longer required.
Now, we do not have to wait for
a commercial facility to become
available in order to run trials."

Need assistance with your
next bakery innovation or help
improving your current product
line? Kemin's new Bakery
Innovation Center at its global
headquarters in Des Moines,
Iowa, opened in October 2019. Its
resident experts are ready to assist.
The $1.5 million investment was
designed to inspire innovation
within the bakery market. It
includes all the equipment,
capabilities and even a bakery
support team needed for Kemin
and its customer-partners to
accelerate product development.
"Investing in and expanding our
team of bakery experts was just as
important as building this facility,
because we are working together
with our customer-partners to
develop a new generation of
bakery products that are sure to
exceed consumers' expectations,"
says Courtney Schwartz,
Marketing Director.
The bakery expansion includes the
launch of batch packs, premixes,
emulsifiers and enzyme blends
specific to tortillas, flatbreads and
baked goods. These products
complement Kemin's existing
portfolio of plant extracts,
antioxidants and mold-inhibiting

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products to help manufacturers
maintain safety and freshness. All
new ingredients and technologies
can be screened and tested in all
possible processing configurations
before trials are done at a
customer's facility.
Highlights of the 2,300-squarefoot bakery innovation facility are:
* Analytical lab for texture and
microbial stability evaluation,
including a texture analyzer
to help evaluate dough and
finished products under all
moisture variations;
* Ingredient blending and small
batch capabilities in a dry
blending center;
* Pilot scale production
capabilities that mimic
commercial manufacturing; and
* Accelerated stability facility
with storage incubators that
create atmospheric variations
to evaluate shelf life of baked
"We provide support to customers
by helping them understand the
process and science behind our
ingredient solutions," says Anita
Srivastava, Ph.D., CFS., Senior

Kemin Industries is a global
ingredient manufacturer that
strives to sustainably transform the
quality of life every day for 80%
of the world with its products and
services. The company supplies
over 500 specialty ingredients for
human and animal health and
nutrition, pet food, aquaculture,
nutraceutical, food technologies,
crop technologies and textile
industries. For over half a century,
Kemin has been dedicated to
using applied science to address
industry challenges and offer
product solutions to customers
in more than 120 countries.
Kemin provides ingredients to
feed a growing population with
its commitment to the quality,
safety and efficacy of food, feed
and health-related products.
Established in 1961, Kemin is a
privately held, family-owned-andoperated company with more
than 2,800 global employees
and operations in 90 countries,
including manufacturing
facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China,
India, Italy, Russia, San Marino,
Singapore, South Africa and the
United States.
For more information, visit
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