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The COVID-19 pandemic has
many shoppers more mindful
about food purchases. They are
stocking up on staples, with meat
and poultry rapidly moving in
the fresh, frozen and ambient
snacking aisles. Shoppers are
mindful of price, quality and
safety. Kemin is the one-stop shop

Meat is Moving:
Keep it Fresher,
Longer and Safer

for meat and poultry processors
that want to keep their offerings
fresher, longer and safer. Kemin
markets shelf-life extension
and food safety ingredients,
including traditional and plantbased clean-label options. The
company has an experienced
technical team to identify the
most effective ingredient system
for your products. They are here
to keep meat moving from retail
to consumers' dinner table.

What's Inside:
2 Meat Matters 3 Video
Even before
COVID-19, meat
and poultry
consumption had
been growing year
after year. What
some consumers
seek out has
changed in the
past decade. Read

Explore the
science behind
preventing fat
oxidation. Kemin's
experts discuss
the antioxidant
solutions available
to help overcome
challenges and
ensure products
meet go-to-market

4 Pizza

Fresh, frozen,
delivered or
homemade, pizza is
hot and delicious.
It's also becoming
with vegetablebased crusts. But
consumers want
the meat! Learn
how to keep it
clean label

5 Snacks

Quality whole
muscle meat is the
primary ingredient
in the booming
high-protein snack
category. Learn
how to keep dried
meat snacks safe
and delicious
through shelf life
without synthetic

6 Ingredients

Explore the toolbox
of ingredients that
Kemin offers to
assist with keeping
meat and poultry
products fresher,
longer and safer.
The company is
your one-stop
shop for meat and
poultry solutions.


Meat is Moving - Kemin 2020

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