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PANKO-ENCRUSTED, chipotle-infused chicken
breast sandwich, applewood-smoked pork
sausage and scrambled egg breakfast bowl,
teriyaki-marinated beef biltong, these are some
of the new ways today's adventurous consumers
enjoy meat and poultry. They also continue to
crave tried and true favorites, like a Coney Island
hot dog, Chicago deep dish pizza and a New York
deli Reuben.
Prior to COVID-19, meat and poultry
consumption had been growing, even amidst
a plant-based food movement. Now during the
pandemic, retail sales of meat and poultry have
skyrocketed, according to IRI data. Consumers
appreciate innovative options to ease meal
preparation and to diversify snack time.
"Worldwide demand for meat and poultry
products continues to increase," says Courtney
Schwartz, Marketing Director, Kemin Industries,
Des Moines, Iowa. "Avoiders represent a small
minority. In fact, it's estimated that less than 5%
of the U.S. identifies as vegetarian, even fewer as
Fueling the popularity of meat and poultry are
the trending low-carbohydrate eating patterns
and diets, such as keto and paleo. Consumers
following these plans seek out high-quality protein.


Meat and poultry, in its many forms and flavors,

Craving convenience and variety
The COVID-19 pandemic changed the
way consumers shop, cook and eat. Meat
departments-refrigerated and frozen-went
barren during the weeks of hoarding, confirming
that consumers appreciate animal proteins.
Consumers were taking note of sell-by dates, as
longer shelf lives would allow for more stocking
and fewer trips to the supermarket.
"At the beginning of quarantine, consumers
were getting creative in the kitchen and trying new
recipes," says Ms. Schwartz. "It did not take long
for working-from-home parents to become time
crunched as they juggled their children's remote
schooling with their packed calendars of virtual
meetings and webinars. Interest in cooking from
scratch diminished."
Heat-and-eat refrigerated proteins, marinated
raw whole muscle and frozen oven- and
microwave-ready meat-centric entrees were the
next departments to have empty shelves. The
same with luncheon meats and hot dogs, along
with their bread and bun accompaniments.
"Grocery shopping continues to evolve, and


Meat is Moving - Kemin 2020

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