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Meat Matters.

pizza meats
Pizza-fresh, frozen,
delivered or homemade-it's hot
and delicious. It's also becoming
better-for-you with vegetablebased crusts. But consumers
still want the meat. Keep it clean
and simple with Kemin's plantbased ingredients.
"Synthetic antioxidants, such
as butylated hydroxyanisole
(BHA), butylated hydroxytoluene
(BHT) and citric acid, have
traditionally been used to
preserve the color and flavor
of pepperoni, the most popular
meat pizza topping," says

Courtney Schwartz, Marketing
Director at Kemin Industries.
"With consumer preferences
shifting towards clean-label
products, plant extracts can be
used in place of synthetics as an
alternative option."
Kemin conducted a study
on pepperoni made with a beef
and pork blend to compare
the impact carnosic acid
concentrations had on color
and flavor stability. Carnosic
acid is the active ingredient in
rosemary extract. It controls
oxidation by quenching free
radicals to delay color and flavor
changes, according to Kemin
research. 2
"This study confirmed
that 100 ppm of carnosic acid

working from home. Hot dogs, along with the
growing range of fully cooked gourmet sausages,
interest all consumers looking for a quick hot
meal. Sweet-heat and global flavors are trending
in the sausage category, with many containing
inclusions, such as cheese bits and diced fruits
and vegetables.
Hot dog dollar sales were up 13.8% for the 52
weeks ending August 2, according to IRI data.1
Volume gains were 5.5%, which shows how food
prices are rising.
"Hot dogs have stepped in for many meal
occasions that suddenly moved over from
foodservice to retail when the pandemic hit," says
Erkin Peksoz, client insights consultant with IRI.
"Hot dogs, as a versatile, protein-packed and kidfriendly item have come to the rescue with sales
spiking at 127% over last year's levels in midMarch and 19 weeks of double-digit gains.1"


(0.0118% CA-FORT TM 1085
Dry) delayed peroxidation
and the loss of redness in
pepperoni, as compared to
traditionally used synthetic
options," says Ms. Schwartz.
"Further, when compared to
a competitor product with a
similar concentration of carnosic
acid, the Kemin product slowed
color loss and the formation of
malondialdehyde, a marker for
oxidative stress, with equal or
greater efficacy."
This study showed that
plant extracts provide oxidative
stability to the color and
flavor of pepperoni. Replacing
synthetic antioxidants with
rosemary extract allows for a
cleaner ingredient statement.

Frozen foods had a year-over-year increase of
17.8% during the week ending August 2, which
was the 21st week of double-digit dollar sales
increases. Dinners/entrees were up 9.5%, pizza
14.7%, meat 21.1% and poultry 22.9%.1
Bowl meals are becoming increasingly popular
in the frozen retail space. They are convenient and
allow for many varied ingredients to come together
all in one place. There are bowls for every day
part and special dietary needs. Some are hearty
while others are more snack worthy, with most
containing a fully cooked seasoned meat or poultry

Make it fresher, longer, safer
It's impossible to know what the future holds,
but what the COVID-19 pandemic showed the
food industry is that consumers want real meat
and poultry. Meat and poultry manufacturers


Meat is Moving - Kemin 2020

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