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are stepping up to the occasion and developing
innovative meal and snacking solutions. They
are employing various ingredient, packaging and
processing technologies to keep product in prime
quality as long as possible.
Kemin Industries is a global ingredient
manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform
the quality of life every day for 80% of the world
with its products and services. The company
markets an extensive portfolio of ingredients for
the meat and poultry industry, including traditional
and plant-based clean-label ingredients to keep
meat and poultry products fresher, longer and
safer. (See page 6.)
"A growing number of meat and poultry
processors are exploring clean-label alternatives
to protect product quality during shelf life," says
Ms. Schwartz. "Plants in the Lamiaceae family,
such as rosemary, contain phenolic diterpenes that
can serve as effective molecules to scavenge free
radicals and delay oxidation in food applications.
When rosemary extract is combined with green
tea extract, a source of molecules known as
catechins, the resulting natural plant extract blend
can provide superior performance to stabilize meat
products during shelf life."

from dried meat

Kemin recognizes that the marketplace is
changing and processors must adapt quickly to
stay relevant. Retailers want to stock products
that shoppers buy. That's why Kemin encourages
product developers to work with its Customer
Laboratory Services (CLS) team to formulate
fresher, safer, longer shelf life meat and poultry
"The team's technical expertise and problemsolving skills will help you develop a tailored
clean-label solution to assist with producing the
highest-quality product," says Ms. Schwartz. "Our
CLS team provides dedicated support throughout
all phases of testing to understand the influences
of all food ingredients on the stability of your
final product. Whether you are formulating a new
product or reformulating an existing one, CLS can
help reduce your testing time and meet your goto-market goals."
The research scientists evaluate the oxidative
stability and microbial stability of meat and
poultry products using a combination of analytical
techniques and accelerated oxidation tests. They
assist with maximizing ingredient efficiency by
helping to determine the most effective treatment
for the product, identify the correct inclusion rate

Services (CLS) team conducted
a series of analytical tests
comparing the efficacy of
BactoCEASE® NV buffered
vinegar to traditional
preservatives with inhibiting
mold growth and maintaining
freshness in dried meat snacks,"
says Courtney Schwartz,
Quality whole muscle is
marketing director at Kemin
being marinated, dried and
Industries. "Acetic acid is
seasoned into an array of
the key active ingredient in
high-protein, shelf-stable
buffered vinegar. The CLS
snacks that appeal to today's
team showed it to be just as
consumers, many of whom also effective as traditional synthetic
seek out cleaner labeling. These preservatives without
products, however, are shelf-life having any negative
challenged without the addition impact on color or
of preservatives.
"Our Customer Laboratory

buffered vinegar solutions
provide dried meat snack
manufacturers a clean-label food
safety option to extend shelf life
without any adverse effect on
product quality. BactoCEASE®
NV contains sodium cations
while BactoCEASE® NV-K
is potassium based, which
may assist with lower-sodium
formulations. Organic options
are available, too.



Meat is Moving - Kemin 2020

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