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Fresh. Safe. Simple.
Making mindful snacks.
Consumers developed a new relationship
with snacking after spending much time at home
during the pandemic. Many turned to snacks to
cope with new realities, increased screen time
and more at-home entertainment activities,
according to The Future of Snacking report from
The NPD Group.
Snacking had already become an all-day
phenomenon prior to the pandemic, fueling the
development of better-for-you products. The
pandemic accelerated innovation efforts to provide
" snack-er-tainment " to wearied consumers.
Savory snack foods, specifically, benefited
from a pandemic lift. Many of these products
are intended to be mini meals, providing more
substance than the sugar rush you might get from
a cookie or chocolate bar.
Better-for-you snacks often include whole food
ingredients, such as legumes, nuts and seeds,
Slow down oxidation.
Most salty snacks include oil or
shortening in the batter or dough
to assist with developing flavor
and maintaining crisp or crunch.
These lipids, along with those
present in many of the on-trend
ingredients now being explored in
snack products, are highly prone to
oxidation, a breakdown of the fat
that produces tastes and smells
that are rancid, old and stale.
Kemin offers a range of
clean-label, shelf-life solutions to
help snack manufacturers maintain
product freshness. These ingredients
may be added directly to the
oil phase of snacks and/or applied
as a topical spray oil. Ingredients
R - rosemarybased
extract that can be a labelfriendly
alternative to traditional
tocopherols and synthetic
MT - traditional
blend of mixed tocopherols
designed for maximum
effectiveness against color and
flavor degradation
RVC - a label
friendly blend of rosemary extract
and ascorbic acid that helps extend
the shelf life of oils and snacks
as well as nutrient-dense grains, healthy oils,
plant proteins and vegetable powders. Many are
designed for the numerous dietary lifestyles being
followed, everything from gluten-free and vegan
to keto and paleo, according to data from SPINS
and New Hope Network, as presented at Natural
Products Expo West Virtual, held May 24 to 27,
2021. Many of these snacks are being driven by
some overlapping trends.
This includes label claims such as gluten-free,
organic, non-GMO and vegan, along with cleaner
labels that highlight allergen-free and high-protein
ingredients. Consumers also are seeking products
that are free from artificial sweeteners and colors.
Responsible sourcing is another key trend.
Many of the most innovative brands are
proactively sourcing ingredients and other inputs
to have a positive effect on farmers, fishers,
gatherers, importers and processors.

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