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Improve efficiency and shelf life.
The shelf life of tortillas may
be shortened through a process
known as staling, which is
caused by starch retrogradation.
This causes tortillas to break
apart, losing their pliability. They
can no longer wrap or roll, their
purpose for existence. Synthetic
crumb softeners and emulsifiers
have long assisted in this area,
but with the desire for simpler,
cleaner labels, manufacturers
now often avoid these solutions.
Instead they are choosing antistaling
Kemin offers TillaZyme™
enzyme gum blends to help
prevent retrogradation. This
takes place when the enzyme
breaks down components of
the dough, such as fiber, lipid,
protein or starch, prior to baking
and then the enzyme gets
denatured during the baking
Kemin also offers tortilla
manufacturers complete drop-in
solutions and premixes. These
may include enzymes and other
functional ingredients, such as
emulsifiers and mold inhibitors.
The ingredients come in liquid
and dry variants, as well as
clean-label, organic and nonGMO
" The drop-in solutions
Today's tortillas
are more than
Tortillas-those perfectly round flatbreads
prepared with corn or wheat flour-have long
been a staple food in Mexican fare. Oblong
variations, with more leavening, are indigenous
to Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Today, all
these versatile alternatives to loaf bread are part of
American gastronomy and being used as wraps,
pizzas and even dippers.
Tortilla manufacturers know no boundaries
when it comes to innovation. Many have expanded
their product lines beyond simple corn and flour
varieties to include ancient grains, seeds and extra
nutrition, such as fiber, protein and healthful fats.
Flavor variations are possible through the inclusion
of vegetable powders, herbs and spices. Some of
the best-selling varieties are tomato, spinach and
jalapeno. Other points of distinction include glutenfree,
low-carbohydrate and organic.
Kemin has an in-house tortilla pilot plant to
help customers speed up commercialization.
This allows for limited-time seasonal offerings.
The team can also assist with trouble-shooting
appearance and texture issues, including ease
of separation, stack height, toast point, cracking
edges and operational difficulties.
contain blends of several
functional ingredients that each
contribute quality characteristics
and solve manufacturers'
challenges, " says Courtney
Schwartz, Marketing Director
at Kemin. " Those challenges
include raw material inventory
management, precise ingredient
measurement, proper order
of addition for each ingredient
and pricing optimization, along
with continuous improvement
from our in-house research
and development team, which
also helps manage regulatory
compliance, ingredient
traceability and critical analysis. "

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