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Formulating meat and poultry
for the inexperienced cook.
Worldwide demand for meat and poultry
products continues to increase, even with growing
interest in plant-based protein. Avoiders represent
a small minority. The pandemic had consumers
exploring new cuts, species and cooking
techniques. Many quickly learned that preparing
meat and poultry products requires a unique
skillset, one often lacking in some home kitchens.
Fresh and frozen raw meat and poultry
products, in particular, whole muscle cuts, such
as beef roast, chicken breast and pork tenderloin,
require assistance from ingredient technology to
keep them juicy and flavorful. These technologies
help the product withstand abusive cooking
techniques at home, or even in food service
settings, where the product may be kept warm for
extended periods of time in the growing space of
ghost kitchens for home delivery.
Meat and poultry, surprisingly, is mostly
composed of naturally occurring water. It is
the water content that makes cooked muscle
palatable. Processors have the ability to improve
the water-holding capacity of animal protein
through careful selection of raw materials-the
meat and poultry-as well as the addition of
ingredients that assist with improving water
retention before, during and after cooking.
There's also intramuscular fat, which impacts
total fat content of untrimmed and bone-in cuts,
and ground and comminuted products. Fat
contributes to juiciness, as well as overall flavor;
however, with dietary recommendations guiding
consumers to limit saturated fat intake, which
is the primary fat found in meat and poultry,
consumers are increasingly choosing leaner cuts.
This makes water content all the more
important, as moisture content of packaged
meat and poultry-raw whole muscle, uncooked
ground, and processed/formed products, such as
deli meats, nuggets, meatballs and sausages-
directly influences eating quality and texture.
That makes retaining inherent moisture, as well
as adding moisture during processing, a critical
product formulation consideration.
Functional proteins improve quality.
Moisture retention and yield
enhancement of proteins are
essential to offering high-quality
meat and poultry products.
Historically, processors used
phosphates to improve textural
parameters. Kemin now offers a
clean-label alternative, Proteus®
which is a line of patented
functional proteins that can be
used to more naturally retain
moisture and yield.
Proteus offers increased cook
yields with reduced sodium
contribution. It is an alternative
to traditional fillers that are often
labeled allergens, such as soy.
Proteus may also be used to
reduce raw material input and
meat block formulation costs,
and separately, when applied as
a liquid protein solution to the
surface of breaded products,
can help block fat and retain
moisture in fried foods.
These ingredients are
manufactured from various cuts
of meat, including beef, pork and
poultry, and can be declared as
" meat " or " meat plus water "
in the US when used in certain
whole muscle and processed
meat and poultry. The ingredient
is applied through standard
methods such as blending,
injection and vacuum tumbling.

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