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This includes visual appeal before purchase.
Once home, shelf life and quality at time of
consumption matter, too. That's because
consumers are budgeting their food dollars
during these inflationary times.
Meat department prices rose 9.3% in 2022,
below the rate of total food and beverages
(12.4%). But inflation is causing shoppers to
research promotions more often and adapt what
amount (78%), kind (76%), cut (74%) and brand
(71%) of meat and poultry they purchase.
Consumers are taking note of sell-by dates.
Longer shelf lives allow for more stocking and
fewer trips to the supermarket. It also allows
for less waste. Meat and poultry manufacturers
are employing various ingredient and processing
technologies to keep products in prime quality
for as long as possible.
" Formulation plays a crucial role in the
development and improvement of various meat
and poultry products, " says Courtney Schwartz,
Director, Kemin Food Technologies, Des Moines,
Iowa. " It involves expertise, resources and
guidance throughout the formulation process,
from concept to commercialization. Our goal is
to help you create innovative, safe and appealing
food products that meet consumer demands. "
Kemin makes it possible to reduce food
waste and extend product shelf life, all while
maintaining a clean label. The company has an
extensive portfolio of ingredients to help keep
foods fresher, longer and safer.
" The order of ingredients in a formulation
can significantly impact the efficiency of the
formulation process and the quality of the final
product, " says Ms. Schwartz. " That is where

Product Quality - Kemin 2023

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