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Plant-Derived Extracts Extend Shelf Life
A Acerola
R Rosemary
RGT Rosemary
+ Green Tea
Ground red meats
* Color protection, alone or in combination, as a direct
addition or sprayed topically prior to packaging
* Adding days of color life to modified atmosphere
packaged ground meats in combination with rosemary
Poultry applications, dry
and semi-dry sausages
like pepperoni and
Sausage and ground
* Flavor and color protection
* Replacing synthetic antioxidants or extending
efficacy in combination with synthetics
* Flavor and color protection, effective and synergistic
clean-label solution
Today's consumers actively read labels and
increasingly want them shorter and simpler.
This makes cleaning up formulations a priority
in most innovation projects. Plant-derived
extracts from Kemin Food Technologies, Des
Moines, Iowa, can replace chemical-sounding
preservatives to assist with slowing lipid autooxidation,
which leads to rancidity, as well as
slow color changes, purge and microbial growth
in raw and fully cooked meat and poultry.
" Traditional synthetic antioxidants are very
effective at stabilizing fats to oxidation. They are
easy to use and low cost; but being chemically
derived, they are undesirable in today's clean
label food environment, " says Courtney
Schwartz, Marketing Director at Kemin. " A
growing number of meat and poultry processors
are exploring clean label alternatives to protect
product quality during shelf life. "
Plants in the Lamiaceae family, such as
rosemary, contain phenolic diterpenes that can
serve as effective molecules to scavenge free
radicals and delay oxidation in food applications.
When rosemary extract is combined with green
tea extract, a source of molecules known as
catechins, the resulting plant extract blend can
provide superior performance to stabilize meat
and poultry products during shelf life.
Kemin encourages product developers to
work with its Customer Laboratory Services
(CLS) team to formulate fresher, safer, longer
shelf life meat and poultry products. This team
of experts evaluate the oxidative stability and
microbial stability of meat and poultry products
using a combination of analytical techniques
and accelerated oxidation tests. They assist
with maximizing ingredient efficiency by
helping to determine the most effective
treatment for the product, identify the correct
inclusion rate and help establish the best point
of application.
" The team's technical expertise and problemsolving
skills will help you develop a tailored
clean label solution to assist with producing the
highest-quality product, " says Ms. Schwartz.
" Our CLS team provides dedicated support
throughout all phases of testing to understand
the influences of all food ingredients on the
stability of your final product. Whether you are
formulating a new product or reformulating an
existing one, CLS can help reduce your testing
time and meet your go-to-market goals. "

Product Quality - Kemin 2023

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