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Proteus® Improves Quality & Yield
The current inflationary marketplace
makes it paramount that meat and poultry
processors explore best practices to
assist with keeping production costs
down, all while producing affordable, highquality
products that keep the health of
consumers and planet top of mind. Kemin
Food Technologies, Des Moines, Iowa,
now offers Proteus®, a line of functional
proteins that addresses these concerns.
" One of the largest hurdles meat
manufacturers face is ensuring the quality
attributes of their products can withstand
abusive cooking techniques within
foodservice settings or at home, " says
Courtney Schwartz, Marketing Director
at Kemin. " Moisture retention and yield
enhancement of proteins are essential to
offering high-quality products, leading to
the brand's success. "
Proteus functional proteins provide
processors with a complement or
alternative to phosphates. Made from
like protein without the use of artificial
ingredients, Proteus may be used to
improve sensory attributes without
increasing cost. By incorporating Proteus
into the meat block formulation, raw
material input costs may be lowered while
simultaneously allowing more natural
retention of yield and a juicier bite for
Proteus also helps the manufacturer
maintain more of the natural texture (bite)
and improve juiciness and flavor of meat
and poultry products. The ingredient is
applied through standard methods, such as
blending, injection and vacuum tumbling.
" This is the science behind how
Proteus enables meat and poultry products
to better retain moisture, " says Ms.
Schwartz. " They are patented, label-friendly
functional protein ingredients that may
function as alternatives to using high levels
of salt or chemical additives. "
our technical services team comes in. Our team
of food scientists and process engineers can
help determine the optimal order of ingredient
addition and method of application for your
specific product. "
Kemin also offers in-plant testing support
to assist with ensuring quality throughout the
manufacturing process. This allows for batch-tobatch
" To maintain consistent product quality,
critical parameters should be monitored at
different stages of production, " says Ms.
Schwartz. " This may include visual observation,
analytical testing and sensory evaluation. By
identifying needs on-site, variations in quality

Product Quality - Kemin 2023

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