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" KNOW "
Before You Go to Market
Extend shelf life with clean label ingredients
| Formulate quality products with improved yields
Improve manufacturing efficiencies throughout entire process
now your customer: their wants and
needs. Know your competition: their
strengths and weaknesses. Know
your manufacturing process: ingredient
compatibilities, processing efficiencies and inplant
testing. Commercializing a new product or
a reformulated existing one requires more than
a high-acceptability score in sensory testing,
though that is paramount, as taste reigns. It
requires a great deal of know-how that Kemin
Industries, Des Moines, Iowa, provides through
its dedicated use of applied science to address
industry challenges.
" Formulation plays a crucial role in the
development and improvement of various
food products, " says Courtney Schwartz,
Marketing Director at Kemin. " It involves
expertise, resources and guidance throughout
the formulation process, from concept to
commercialization. Our goal is to help you create
innovative, safe and appealing food products
that meet consumer demands. "
The number of Americans who reported
following an eating pattern or diet in the 2023
Food and Health Survey from the International
Food Information Council, Washington, D.C.,
was 52%. This is a noteworthy jump from 36%
in 2018 and 43% in 2020. The most common
eating patterns or diets include high protein
(18%), mindful eating (17%), calorie counting
(12%), clean eating (12%) and intermittent
fasting (12%).
The top motivators behind making an effort
to adopt a new eating pattern or diet include
wanting to lose weight (43%) and wanting to
improve physical appearance (39%). But, just as
many consumers are making dietary changes
with more general health and wellness in mind.
Nearly two out of five (39%) said they want to
feel better and have more energy, while 33%
said they want to protect long-term health and
prevent future conditions.
When it comes to what qualifies as a

The Know - Kemin 2023

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