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Turn Challenging
What-Ifs into
hat if you could add limited-time
offerings to your brand, such as
pumpkin flatbread in the autumn
and red velvet scones for Valentine's Day?
What if you could test market better-for-you
formulations of your most popular items, such
as a high-protein tortilla or a low-carbohydrate
bagel? What if you could consistently offer
baked goods' consumers innovative new
products that meet their nutritional needs and
flavor cravings, while keeping labels clean and
at an affordable price? All this is possible when
you partner with Kemin Food Technologies,
Des Moines, Iowa.
" Consumers' shopping lists have never been
longer than they are today, " says Courtney
Schwartz, Marketing Director at Kemin.
" Household members have specific dietary
and nutritional desires that require customized
product formulations. We no longer live in a onesize-fits
all society. "
By matching various formulation requirements
with the proper solutions, Kemin can help you
easily fulfill this demand and feature more
varieties for your brand. Anything is possible.
" Today's supplier shortages can cause issues
for your bakery, especially if your ingredient
sourcing tends to be smaller volume, as in the
case with specialty and limited-edition products, "
says Ms. Schwartz. " At Kemin, our size and ability
mean we can procure ingredients for multiple
industries and leverage our buying power to
ensure your supply, when and where you need it. "
The new Kemin Bakery Innovation Center
enables customers to do their product
development alongside Kemin experts without
eating into their bakery's valuable production
time. Kemin knows how to help bakers make
their products better tasting, better performing
and longer lasting.
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What if - Kemin 2022

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