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Trends in baking
The fresh perimeter bakery department
and the center-of-store baked goods aisles-
breads, buns and tortillas, as well as cookies
and snacks-continue to be destinations for
consumers during these strange times. New
products keep them interested and coming back
for more.
Dollar sales of baked goods found in ambient
aisles increased 14.1% in July 2022, versus a
year ago, according to IRI, Chicago. While much
of the dollar growth is attributed to inflation,
overall unit sales remained flat, with some
areas up, others down. In other words, even
with higher prices, baked goods remain on the
shopping list.
" Center-store cookies gained the most (5.9%)
in units versus year ago. This is a sign of the
return of gatherings and celebrations, " says
Anne-Marie Roerink, President, 210 Analytics,
San Antonio, Texas. " In the perimeter bakery,
including both fixed and random weight products,
July 2022 continued to see great engagement.
Almost every area grew in dollars, and many
grew unit sales as well. These include donuts,
croissants and specialty desserts. "
Similar to trends throughout the food and
beverage industry, bakery trends for 2022 are
shaping up to be focused on better-for-you and
better-for-the planet formulations. While many
consumers discovered the art of baking during
the pandemic, as the world reopens, consumers
appreciate the ease and convenience of storebought
baked goods.
The global bakery market is forecast to have
a 2.6% compound annual growth rate from
now until 2026, according to " Bakery Products
Market-Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact
and Forecasts (2021-2026), " from Mordor
Intelligence. The report states that the rising
trends of " natural nutrition, " " healthy living "
and " organic products " have raised consumer
demand for whole wheat, light, natural and
additive-free bakery products.
Key formulation trends are high protein,
gluten free and less added sugar. Ingredients
being sought out include oats, for their betaglucan
fiber, protein, vitamin and mineral
content, as well as recognition of being a
sustainable U.S.-grown crop, and seeds
and seed flours. The latter provide unique
flavors and textures to baked goods. Most
are noteworthy sources of fiber, protein and
other nutrients. Some are even recognized as
upcycled ingredients, further adding to a brand's
sustainability efforts.
" The 40-year-high inflation means consumers
are much more strategic about their grocery
and restaurant trips, " says Jonna Parker, Team
Lead Fresh at IRI. " That means cooking-fromscratch
one day and leaning on value-added
or deli-prepared solutions the next. Likewise,
we're seeing consumers seamlessly switching
between value and premium, creating a complex
pattern of marketplace trends. "

What if - Kemin 2022

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