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The Kemin Bakery
Innovation Center
The Kemin Bakery Innovation Center
assists manufacturers in solving real, everyday
challenges, as well as developing nextgeneration
baked goods. From mixers to
ovens to analytical instruments, the Kemin
Bakery Innovation Center is equipped with
everything a baker needs to test and analyze
baked goods and support product formulation
demands. The 2,300-square foot facility
features an analytical lab, ingredient and
small-batch blending, pilot-scale production
capabilities and ambient and accelerated shelf
life stability testing.
" It takes more than state-of-the-art bakery
equipment to produce successful results, "
says Courtney Schwartz, Marketing Director
at Kemin. " That's why we are staffed with
a dedicated team with exemplary bakery
expertise. Our R&D team of bakery food
scientists and our in-house tortilla expert are
here for you, along with a dedicated quality
control staff.
" We mirror your commercial processes
and your finished product with our pilot lines, "
says Ms. Schwartz. " Testing and validation,
including shelf life evaluation studies, ensure
the highest quality. We offer you the ingenuity
and the efficiency to get you up and running,
so you can get to market, faster. "
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What if - Kemin 2022

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