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The most commonly used chemical
preservatives to prevent mold spoilage in
the baking industry are propionates (calcium
or sodium propionate), sorbates (sorbic acid
and potassium sorbate), benzoates, parabens
(methyl and propyl) and acetic acid. Calcium
and sodium propionate are the neutral salts of
propionic acid, a naturally occurring byproduct
of the Propionibacterium found in Swiss
cheese. Due to their lack of activity against
yeast, propionates are the most widely used
antimicrobial in yeast-raised baked foods.
" Bakers are interested in an effective, natural
replacement to synthetic calcium propionate, "
says Courtney Schwartz, Marketing Director at
Kemin. " Kemin now has one. SHIELD®
Pure is a
cultured dextrose shelf life extender. It is a oneto-one
replacement for synthetic propionic acid. "
Kemin conducted studies to evaluate the
effectiveness of SHIELD Pure to synthetic
calcium propionate in delaying mold growth. In
a study on white yeast-leavened bread, mold
appeared on the untreated variable on day 5. The
sample with 0.5% synthetic calcium propionate
showed mold growth on day 16. The 0.5%
SHIELD Pure sample did not show mold growth
until day 18 and maintained acceptable physical
and texture qualities.
" This study, along with others, shows that
cultured dextrose, a natural mold inhibitor is a
true direct replacement for synthetic propionic
acid, " says Ms. Schwartz. " Application studies
confirm it has equal efficacy at equal dosages
in corn and flour tortillas, white sliced bread,
among other baked good products. "
SHIELD Pure appears on ingredient
statements as cultured dextrose. It is very
similar to synthetic propionic acid in purity. Its
high concentration provides the ability to use
at lower application rates than other cultured
dextrose products. This offers a very attractive
cost-in-use for formulators.

What if - Kemin 2022

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