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along with the use of lipases and phospholipases for emulsification properties," Mr. Fatula said. Enzymatically enhanced water-binding and manipulation of dough properties in
gluten-free baked foods also show promise.
A special case can be made for enzymes in
the matter of sustainability. Conservation of
resources, especially water, is a fairly new concern for bakery operators. "We've only had a
few inquiries, but they come from significant
sources," Mr. Fatula noted, "and we're starting to hear more requests."
Sustainability is an operations concern,
but it can reach into the supply chain to
affect choice of ingredients. For example,
manufacture of vital wheat gluten is usually a
water-intensive process. Replacing added gluten with enzyme-based dough strengtheners
can shrink the water footprint of a bakery's
supply chain - and also save the cost of the
more expensive gluten.
Bakers who use enzymes can look to Lallemand Baking Solutions for:
* Customized solutions
* Fermentation and enzyme technology
* Consumer insights and Application
* Company culture of innovation
"Lallemand continuously invests in our


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innovation pipeline," Mr. Fatula said. This approach takes into account not only listening to
bakery partners about the challenges they face
but also evaluating emerging bakery technologies and processing equipment, plus monitoring consumer trends and customer demands.
"Sometimes it is a matter of trying to do
our jobs more effectively," he continued. "But
it is also searching for those new technologies
that allow a step change in performance and
that deliver a solution providing value to our
bakery partners."
Bakers can use their suppliers best by
working alongside them, sharing the development process and laboring toward the
same goal through open communications,
according to Mr. Fatula.
Companywide, Lallemand's interests cross
a broad variety of food and nutrition fields.
"Our technology, capabilities and technical
support allow us to constantly look at new
combinations and synergies," Mr. Fatula said.
"This is what we mean by our motto, 'Innovation by Application'." 
Lallemand Baking publishes periodic
summaries of progress with bakery
ingredients. Readers seeking more information
on enzyme applications are invited to review
Lallemand Baking Update, Vol. 3, Nos. 6
through 10. Visit www.lallemandbaking.com
for more information.

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Enzymes for Every Baking Solution -- Lallemand

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