In the Dough - Lesaffre May 2018 - 2

Responding to
Customer Needs
Customers are looking
to reach people with
more unique and artisan
approaches to their products,
according to Tom Benner,
President of Lesaffre Yeast
Corporation, and Lesaffre is
answering the call.
Lesaffre's new state-of-theart blending facility in Cedar
Rapids, Iowa, will serve all
bakers, with an emphasis
on small to medium-size
bakery chains. The location
provides closer proximity to
customers, enabling quicker
response times.
Further, the plant gives
Lesaffre the advantage of

producing custom blends to
solve bakers' issues through
innovation and process
"To be a valued partner, we
need to be resourceful, fast
and agile," he said. "We have
put years into developing
a deep library of enzymes,
which can be specialized to
the need of the customer.
We are developing a library
of enzymes that can be
used for many complex
blends, and we have rapid
turnaround of samples
for testing and finished
products. Our investment
locally will ensure we react
and move at the speed our
customers want to go."
Benner said Lesaffre is
responding to the clean label
trend with new products
and its new facility in Cedar
Rapids where it will produce
clean label products. "With
this new facility we will offer
a complete line of baking
ingredients that satisfies our
customers' requirements for
producing clean label breads
and other baked goods,"
Benner said.


The facility features a
pneumatic system for
conveying flour and other
minor ingredients, with
interface capabilities to
our ERP system and HMI
access for recipe control and

production management. 
Packaging equipment
includes a Super Sack line
and a semi-automated
convertible line for 50 lb bags
and 10 kg boxes.
Lesaffre will make enzyme
blends, concentrates and
dough improvers under the
Saf-Pro ingredients brand at
the facility - all Saf-Pro and
Red Star branded products
that are blended in nature.
"Enabling the growth and
profitability of our baking
customers is our passion and
at the core of our strategy.
We are pleased to offer
additional capabilities and
flexibility to our clients with
this important investment"
Benner said. "We are very
proud of our teams and their
accomplishment in making
this facility ready for market"
At the ribbon-cutting
celebration, Benner cited
Lesaffre's baking technology
and development team,
"with Ralf Tschenscher
and our entire team under
the leadership of Arnaud
Deniaud, has prepared
for us a sampling of what
can be done with the
products that they have
developed for this facility.
They have also shared a
small slice of their passion
for baking excellence. They
are a tremendous asset to
our customers and to our
Lesaffre is a company that
strives to take the employee/
employer relationship to the
next level. "We work hard at


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