In the Dough - Lesaffre May 2018 - 3

Lesaffre Yeast Corp. is
committed to continually
bringing new baking
that," Benner said. "We have
no priority higher than safety.
We hold ourselves to the
highest standard."

"We view our No. 1 asset
to the be the quality of our
people. We have a lot to
be proud of today. Nothing

shines brighter than the pride
we beam because of the
great teams of people that
make Lesaffre exceptional."

ingredient solutions to
North American Bakers
through their Saf-Pro
Ingredients line.  We
deliver products in three
distinct segments: dough
improvers, blends and
sourdoughs. The Saf-Pro
line includes Non-GMO
and Organic solutions to
satisfy the unique needs
of commercial bakers.

As a global key player in
yeasts and fermentation,
Lesaffre designs,
manufactures and markets
innovative solutions for
baking, food taste &
pleasure, health care and
biotechnology. A family
group born in Northern
France in 1853, and now
a multi-national and a
multicultural company,
Lesaffre is committed to
working with confidence
to better nourish and
protect the planet. In
close collaboration with
its clients and partners,

Lesaffre employs 10,000
people in 78 subsidiaries
based in 50 countries.
Lesaffre achieves a
turnover of 2 billion euros.
Having 38 Baking Centers
in all parts of the world
enables Lesaffre to get
closer to the markets and
anticipate the needs of
bakers, Benner said.
"This newest facility will
bring the best technology
from our other blending
sites around the world,"
Benner said. "We will

be fully automated and
flexible enough to handle
a wide range of products
and ingredients. But on
top of all the hardware
we have installed, our
highly capable topquality people are what
we consider to be our
first and most important
"If you speak with any
of our customers, the
conversation quickly
migrates to how good our
people are, and we are
very proud of that here."

Headquartered in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin, Lesaffre Yeast
Corporation, part of the
global Lesaffre group,
provides superior quality
yeast and ingredients to
the baking industry. Its
product brands include
industry-leading Red Star®
brand fresh yeast, SafInstant® brand dry yeast,
and Saf-Pro® brand baking
ingredients. Red Star Yeast
Company, LLC operates
two yeast manufacturing
plants in the United States,
in Dothan, Alabama, and
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


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