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150 Years of Fresh
Delavau Food Partners has
provided its customers with
food technologies for more
than 150 years. In that time,
the company has developed
a wealth of knowledge
regarding calcium and
enzymes and used that
experience to create turnkey
and custom ingredients
for its customers. The
company prides itself on
its concentrated systems
that improve cost-in-use by
optimizing functional and
high-value ingredients.
"If you've grabbed a
donut or a bagel on your
morning coffee run or had a
sandwich for lunch, there's
a good chance Delavau's
solutions were part of those
experiences," said Jeff Billig,
Delavau vice-president and
general manager. "Major
food brands rely on our
freshness, fortification and
clean label solutions."
Delavau Food Partners'
latest freshness and
fortification lines are Encore
and Accent. Encore brings
bakers turnkey and custom
freshness solutions that
deliver extended shelf life
while also optimizing the

usage levels of functional
ingredients. "With Encore,
brands are able to extend
the shelf life without
compromising the eating
experience," Mr. Billig said.
"This approach applies
itself to shelf stable and
fresh-baked goods in both
the bread and sweet goods
Accent provides calcium
and Vitamin D fortification
in bakery, both sweet
goods and breads. "In
the highly competitive
bread segment, imagine
being able to offer a bread
with the same amount of
calcium as a glass of milk;
it's quite an opportunity
for a brand to set itself a
part, especially as parents
continue to seek nutrientdense foods for their
families," Mr. Billig said.
The company's patented
calcium fortification
technology can be
incorporated into a
chocolate coating or
compound coating to
be used in snack bar
applications. Delavau Food
Partners can also lend its
experience with clean label


alternatives to conventional
ingredient solutions, while
still maintaining formulation
function and quality eating
experience. "We know
that food brands face
a significant challenge:
creating cost-conscious,
good-for-you foods that
taste like people expect
them to taste is no small
feat," Mr. Billig said. "By
delivering clean label
solutions for smarter costin-use, fresher experiences
and better nutrition, we
help food brands address
these challenges in a way
that answers both consumer
demand and business
Delavau Food Partners'
expertise and ingredients
complement and expand
upon Lesaffre Yeast
Corporation's own
technologies. Delavau is
committed to working
with customers to find
optimized solutions for their
applications. The company's
ingredients aim to extend
freshness and shelf life as
well as replace chemical
additives, all goals and
principles that Lesaffre also
strives toward.

J E F F B I L L I G , V I C E - P R E S I D E N T A N D G E N E R A L M A N A G E R O F D E L AVA U F O O D PA R T N E R S


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