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Saf Pro Artisan Fleurage:
Bakers know today's
consumers demand flavorful
and unique variety. Adding
diversity and innovation to
offerings for the instore and
craft bakery with a single
dough is easy when you
use award-winning Artisan
Fleurage. Employing the
age-old art of fermentation,
Lesaffre uses a patented
production process to create
a crispy, savory profile in a
range of baked foods.
The product is available in
seeds and semolina. Saf
Pro Artisan Fleurage seeds
contain millet, flax and oats

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and offer a natural nutty
flavor that's often compared
to grilled bread products
and flatbreads. Artisan
Fleurage semolina contains
durum semolina wheat. The
semolina's desirable umami
flavor offers bakers a way
to enhance breads, rolls and
crusts with delicious texture.
The toasted nuttiness of the
semolina offers a cheeselike profile that's perfect
for vegan pizza, buns and
cheese bread. Its versatility
offers customers uniquely
tasty baked products
without needing to change
formula or process.

Using Saf Pro Artisan
Fleurage is as simple
as applying a shake or
sprinkle of the seeds and/
or semolina across the
surface of a shaped dough
piece. It's quickly becoming
a favorite addition to
twisted baguettes and
fougasse for many instore
and craft bakers. To further
enhance taste and aroma,
this solution can also be
incorporated throughout
a dough during the
kneading step and also on
industrial automatic lines.
Saf Pro Artisan Fleurage
is compatible with a Konig

water spraying system prior
to the seeding step. Trials
on the line employed a
seeds recycling system to
spread the product.
Employing the application
method of your choice,
simply adjust the baking
time and/or temperature
to achieve the targeted
taste intensity. Through
personalization, Artisan
Fleurage offers next-level
sensory innovation, helping
Lesaffre's customers deliver
the authentic, clean label
enhancements consumers

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In the dough - August 2020

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