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what to eat, and pm
snack is the beneficiary
of this fluidity, " says
David Portalatin, NPD
food industry advisor
and author of Eating
Patterns in America.
" This growing daypart is
a clear opportunity for
restaurant operators. "  
According to Mintel,
more than 70% of
US consumers enjoy
trying new experiences,
including food and
drink flavor discovery.
Gen Z and millennials
had the most diverse
palates and showed
the strongest interest
in international cuisine.
Younger consumers
were most interested
in trying African and
Korean dishes, along
with Japanese, Indian,
Latin American and
Middle Eastern cuisine.
Foodservice operators
looking to incorporate
new flavors may
consider appetizer
portions. Nearly half of
consumers said they
were most likely to try
an unfamiliar flavor in
an appetizer, compared
to 35% who try new
flavors in dinner entrees.
Twenty-eight percent
of consumers said they
explore new flavors in
lunch entrees and 13%
said they experiment
with new flavors in
breakfast entrees.

Moving Forward
Looking ahead, as the effects of the
COVID-19 pandemic begin to have
less impact on the supply chain, what
do we need to be thinking about?
* Providing ingredients that meet
the need for improving nutritional
quality of food
* Finding ways to be innovative to
reach a broader range of customers
and providing more sustainable
solutions for meeting customer needs
For craft bakers, the key now is
Extended Shelf Life - so as to achieve
a longer distribution leg (at least 5
days shelf life, or longer)

Lesaffre has a range of anti-staling
blends to extend shelf life of breads,
buns, donuts, pita and more.
Recommendation will depend on the
number of days required, conditions
of storage, type of formulation, and
what specific attributes are desired
in the final product.
Lesaffre offers solutions that can
help extend the softness ranging
from 1-3 days up to 21+ days.
In addition to anti-staling, Lesaffre
features a line of clean label
products which prevent the growth
of mold.


In the dough - Lesaffre April 2021

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