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Tools to Achieve Success
Depending on whether a customer is looking to maintain softness
for 2-3 days or even up to 21 days, ESL improvers play a key role
in assisting with achieving that goal.
These improvers act on components in starch to break down the
structure into smaller units, which in turn, extend the time for
which the bread remains soft, similar to what it would be like if it
was just pulled from the oven.

Experiment with new ingredients in
the marketplace which are clean label;
this would include understanding
what attributes are important to your
product (softness, moistness, resilience)
and then finding the right ESL to give
you those key characteristics.
Lesaffre's technical experts specifically
collaborate with its global bake
centers for new solutions to improving
shelf life and to provide clean label

" Our goal is to work closely with
our customers to help improve their
products, " explain Mary Thomas and
Sherrill Cropper of Lesaffre. " Our tech
team is available to work alongside
the baker and manufacturer at their
production facility to make sure
product trials run smoothly. Our R&D
team are able to evaluate and run
analysis to quantify improvement in
order to determine if the customer is
using the best solution for the goals
that they are seeking. "

Saf Pro Anti-Staling
The question of prolonging shelf life is
not a conceptual question nowadays,
but a crucial one. Preserving food
products is now a strategic challenge
for the baking segment.


Elasticity - Lesaffre can assess the
ability of the crumb to return to its
original shape after exerting pressure
in the middle of the slice. In order to
compare the behavior of the different
products, first press strong each
product, then press again softly, and
compare the reactions. This way you
will be able to rank the products. From
0 = very elastic/springy: crumb springs
back immediately, and the mark
disappears immediately to
10 = gummy: mark by finger remains.


Moistness - Assess the moistness of
the crumb by taking the bottom of the
bread with both hands. Gently press
the slice on both sides with the thumb,
the middle finger, and the index. A
rough sensation under the fingers is a
sign of dryness.
A persistent sensation of moisture
under the fingers is a characterization
of an important humidity. From 0 =
dry to 10 = moist


Lesaffre assesses the behavior of the
product when folded in two. From 0
= not foldable: bread breaks into two
in both directions, to 10 = foldable:
bread can be folder several times
without breaking.


In the dough - Lesaffre April 2021

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