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Master baker Ralf Tschenscher, baking business development manager at Lesaffre North America
The Challenge
The trend toward novel
flavors and interesting
textures remains strong
as consumers continue to
seek out new and exciting
food experiences. In a 2019
survey from Innova Market
Insights, 74% of consumers
around the world said
they " love to discover
new flavors. " Furthermore,
seven out of 10 consumers
indicated that " texture
makes food and beverages
a more interesting
experience, " and six out
of 10 agreed that texture
affects their decision to
buy a product.
" Today's consumer is
exploring, " said master
baker Ralf Tschenscher,
baking business
development manager at
Lesaffre North America.
" The trend across
generations, from Baby
Boomers to Millennials
and Gen X, is toward
exceptional alternatives
that are wholesome,
sustainable, and flavorful.
We have witnessed this
pattern for years on the
bakery side, but lately,
more and more in pastry
and culinary applications. "
For food brands,
providing variety to
consumers is not simply
a matter of scaling up
production; it requires
innovation, investment,
and potentially significant
operational adjustments.
In order to put new
products on store shelves,
considerable time is spent
researching, developing,
and testing formulations.
Production lines must be
created, or equipment
reconfigured and upgraded.
Therefore, the most
economical innovations
involve minimal formulation
changes and can utilize
existing production assets. "
Artisan Fleurage
toppings create value for
bakery manufacturers
by enabling the
development of new
applications from existing
formulations without
having to alter dough
recipes. In most
cases, Artisan Fleurage
toppings can be directly
applied after dough
formation, either by hand
or by systems already in
place on production lines,
such as those used to
apply sesame and polenta.
These efficiencies add to a
brand's capacity to grow
its product portfolio with
new flavors and unique
textures while optimizing
costs and minimizing
" Lesaffre has worked
with companies to test
seeding machines, " said
Tschenscher. " Artisan
Fleurage is a proven
solution for any scale of
production. It's the same
recipe but with a twist. The
aroma, flavor, and texture
from Artisan Fleurage
toppings give you a totally
different product. "
Through a proprietary
process, Lesaffre uses
specialized fermentationbased
coatings to infuse
Artisan Fleurage with
one-of-a-kind flavors and
aromas. Artisan Fleurage
seeds are a mix of flax,
oats, and millets that
undergo a fermentation
process which provides
flavorful depth and
satisfying mouthfeel.
A drizzle of Artisan
Fleurage seeds adds
visually enticing artisan
authenticity and pleasing
crunchiness to whole
wheat, multigrain, and
white breads, as well as
many other applications.
Artisan Fleurage Semolina
is durum wheat semolina
infused with fermentationbased
coatings to
impart cheesy umami
characteristics and mild
salty notes. It provides the
functionality of semolina
as a coating or dusting
agent while building
up the cheesiness and
crunch of pizza crusts
and traditional or vegan
cheese breads.
The Solution
Saf-Pro® Artisan Fleurage
provides a 2 in 1 solution
for taste and aroma.
Created through a
patented process, these
ingredients deliver a
unique flavor that will
enhance any bread
product. Artisan Fleurage
is an innovative concept
that is easy to use and
can help to improve the
flavor and appeal of any
baked product.
With Artisan Fleurage
the baker can start with
a single dough to create
a wide range of unique
tasting products. Artisan
Fleurage solutions are a
result of a combination
of flavors derived from
fermentation that is used
to coat semolina and
seeds. These products
offer a delightful
aroma, taste profile,
and crispness to baked
It is important to note
that Artisan Fleurage
Seeds is an alternative
to sesame seeds, which
are now classified as an

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