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Case Studies
While there are many
vegan cheese solutions,
most get their flavor
from spices and are, in
general, insufficient in
their ability to replicate
the flavor of dairy
cheese. Vegan cheeses
often lack the depth
and intensity of flavor of
dairy cheeses, which can
make them difficult to
use in formulations.
As such, vegan cheese
breads often have a
bland flavor and lack
sensory appeal. Adding
Artisan Fleurage
Semolina to doughs prior
to baking can intensify
the taste of cheese while
maintaining vegan and
clean label specifications.
At the 2019 International
Baking Industry
Exposition (IBIE), Artisan
Fleurage Semolina was
showcased in a bakery
demonstration featuring
vegan cheese bread.
" Vegan cheese bread was
the talk of the show, " said
Tschenscher, who led the
demonstration. " People
couldn't believe how
cheesy the bread was. "
Artisan Fleurage
Semolina can be used
as a topping or coating
Artisan Fleurage
A Flavorful mix of
Durum Wheat Semolina
on cheese breads,
cheese sticks, or
cheese buns to give
added crispiness
and a burst of
cheese flavor
to applications
without using milkbased
In addition to
being veganfriendly,
Fleurage Semolina
is Certified Kosher
Pareve and Halal
14 lb / 6.4 kg or
50 lb / 22.7 kg
Artisan Fleurage Seeds A Flavorful mix of Seeds 14 lb / 6.4 kg or
50 lb / 22.7 kg
For companies
producing pizzas for sale
in convenience stores,
supermarkets, mass
retail, and club stores,
getting a crispy crust can
be difficult, especially in
microwavable formats.
Using one or both of
the Artisan Fleurage
toppings on crusts
ensures a crispier
product. Artisan
Fleurage also improves
the appearance of
quality in pizzas
and enriches the
pizza's cheese flavor.
Additionally, Artisan
Fleurage can be utilized
in foodservice. For
restaurants, to go
pizzas are often
placed in a box and
possibly a heating
bag, all of which
trap moisture
and make crusts
soggy. With Artisan
Fleurage, crusts stay
crispy longer during
transport, which
makes for an overall
better experience
for consumers.
Similarly, Artisan
Fleurage is very
effective in
improving the visual
appeal and flavor
profile of frozen
and take-and-bake

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