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Why Clean Label Matters
Today & Tomorrow
What does clean label truly mean to
consumers today? Food security has
entered the lexicon of late, but the
essence of clean label remains the
same: foods made with fewer and
simpler ingredients.
According to the latest Nielsen
data, 200 million consumers in the
United States are adhering to a diet
or health-related program, and they
are searching for specific product
attributes every time they shop.
That's more than half of the country's
population - a massive trend.
In fact, the clean label trend has
evolved to spell out a foundation for
the future of the food industry. Moving
forward, consumers are expecting
that products not only offer nutritional
value, but include acceptable and
functional ingredients, taste good and
are good for the planet.
What is equally notable is that
consumers obviously want clean label
options, but they can't always find
them. Nielsen research goes on to
report that 84% of brands fail to claim
at least one of their top three mostsearched
As reported often, achieving any
desired result in baking requires
the ability to bring innovation into
your products in a way that is both
achievable and sustainable. You can't
reach for the moon without a rocket.
Lesaffre frequently monitors end users
to understand their needs. Through
unlocking these insights, they help
their customers answer new demands
by providing innovative solutions.
Their recent Clean Label Baking
Insights study provides the industry
with an in-depth analysis of consumer
perceptions around the meaning of
" clean label " for baked goods.
Today's bakers' challenge is achieving
consumer expectations without
sacrificing quality and bottom-line,
with minimum changes in production.
Lesaffre has many clean label products
to support bakers to overcome those
There are many ingredients that
consumers hesitate to consume when
they see on labels. High Fructose Corn
Syrup, Carboxymethyl Cellulose and
Mono and diglycerides (MDGs) are
major among them. In fact, according
to Lesaffre's Clean Label research, 51%
of consumers don't want MDGs in the
baked goods they consume.

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